Need what vaccination before pregnancy?

He she often teaches that "prevention is better than cure" indeed not wrong, along with the development of society, more and more vaccine prevention in order to protect human health and to effectively and thoroughly, so the preventive vaccination has become a very important job necessary, in particular for women preparing to become pregnant, because it directly affects to the baby and mother's health during pregnancy and the child's resistance after this.

Rubella vaccine is needed before vaccination during pregnancy

Rubella virus is transmitted by the respiratory tract, the incubation time from 12-23 days (average is 18 days). Rubella infection during early pregnancy (first 3 months or 20 weeks) can cause fetal death or congenital rubella syndrome this syndrome, characterized by many defects, especially with the brain, heart, ears and eyes. Rubella virus can survive long in the body young birth defects, usually over a year and are exported through exudates Oropharynx, urine and that is the source of infection for people exposed.

All women, juvenile females can rubella vaccination, except in the case of: allergic to components of the drug, immunodeficiency; caution when there is a history of egg allergy, postponed the injection when fever, acute diseases, pregnancy. Side effects: pain, swelling at the injection, fever, rashes.

Note: to avoid pregnant 3 months after vaccination.

Varicella vaccine should pregnant before vaccination 1 month

During the pregnancy, if the mother elects trapped chickenpox will be very dangerous for both the mother and the baby, so the chickenpox vaccine is needed before the pregnancy for at least 1 month to chickenpox is most effective, ensure safe for mother and baby during pregnancy and when your child is born. As the statistics show, the proportion of pregnant women suffer from fatal varicella cases among other normal illness chickenpox. The risk of chickenpox in the fetus is as follows:

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, especially on week 8-12 during the pregnancy, foetus ratio syndrome congenital varicella infection is 0.4% with external manifestation in the skin, SCAR is the first small disability, disease of the retina, cataract, light weight, short, mental retardation, is the most serious which can lead to miscarriage or stillbirths.

In mid-September, when the fetus was 13 to 20 weeks of age, the rate of infection of the fetus congenital varicella syndrome up to 2%.From the 20th week of pregnancy period onwards, almost the fetus is not affected by aquatic diseases.

If before 5 days and after birth born 2 December, the mother is infected with chickenpox, the babies prone to infection with chickenpox spread because the mother has not had enough time to create antibodies to the fetus before birth. Thus the ratio of newborns infected with chicken pox suffer fatalities increased to 25-30%.

Need hepatitis B vaccination prior to pregnancy

Hepatitis B is caused by the virus, they are easily transmitted of blood and body fluids, so when pregnant mothers infected with the hepatitis B virus to easily spread the virus to the fetus or spread to infants during childbirth. According to many statistics show, the parents elected to locate infected with hepatitis B within 3 months of the pregnancy cycle between the risk of transmission for the 10%-20%, this percentage will increase to 90% if the mother infected during the last 3 months of pregnancy.

Women prepare pregnant want to vaccinate hepatitis B should serum tests of both husband and wife before injection to get more data and can be vaccinated for both father and mother to ensure safety for the comprehensive development of the baby after this and avoid the risk of the baby being infected hepatitis B birth.

Flu vaccination prior to pregnancy

Flu is quite common that any person can also encounter especially when weather turn, varies as in Vietnam. During pregnancy, especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy, if the mother elected to make the flu lasts will lead to the possibility the fetus suffer birth defects. Therefore, the sisters need to vaccinate before flu intending pregnancy fetus to ensure good health and comprehensive development.

Vaccinated before pregnancy is essential to safe for both mother and baby, depending on the conditions that you can choose for themselves the appropriate vaccines, however you need to inject enough 4 vaccines need to vaccinated before pregnancy as stated above to be assured guarantee for the health of the mother and the safety , comprehensive development of the baby later. Besides, you can inject some additional injections prevent other diseases such as hepatitis A, influenza, typhoid, mumps, lungs .... to have a healthy pregnancy, safe.

The other type of disease

In addition, the women prepare the pregnancy can vaccinate the other diseases such as influenza, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, pneumococcal, meningitis due to brain tissue demand A + C ...=


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