Pregnant women and 4 habits can cause miscarriage

The following habits have a negative impact on the health of pregnant women and their babies, and pregnant mothers need to pay close attention

Walking too much

When pregnant any mother is advised to walk a lot to make it easier to give birth. But in fact, if a mother is pregnant, walking too much will put pressure on the pelvic and abdomen, leading to premature birth, miscarriage, especially women with open wombs. So, pregnant mother can start training but practice gently, walk slowly, not too much effort. If you are familiar, you can gradually increase the intensity.

In addition, pregnant mothers should remember absolutely not to participate in sports, strong mobility, weight loss, heavy calves, or many physical activities, which adversely affect health.

Rub your belly during pregnancy

Habits of rubbing the belly when pregnant by many mothers are thought to be a pet that communicates with children. But it is this habit that affects the abdominal wall, which can cause the fetus to contract and cause the baby to become prone to miscarriage or premature birth.

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Rub the abdomen causing miscarriage

However, it does not mean that mothers cannot rub their abdomen, mothers can rub lightly, do not squeeze strongly, do not rub too long and do not rub many times a day. If any pregnant mother has ever had an abortion before, she should not rub her stomach.

Eat cold food

During pregnancy, the mother's body temperature is usually higher than before. So pregnant mother is easily constipated, hot and eager, especially when the weather is uncomfortable. At that time, drinking a glass of flax or eating ice cream to cool it was amazing. And this is also a habit of many mothers elected. However, when voting this secret diet is not good for your baby in the stomach at all.

When pregnant mothers eat cold food suddenly brought into the body, cold drinks will cause blood vessels in the abdomen, including the cervix to shrink, causing adverse effects to the fetus.

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Walking too much is not good for mother to vote

Eat hot spicy food

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to abstain from hot spicy spices, hot foods such as pepper, cinnamon, chili…. or oily, fried foods because it causes heat in the health of both mother and child.

The fact that the pregnant mother regularly eats hot spicy food in the long term causes the fetus to develop abnormally, easily miscarriage, premature rupture of membranes, premature birth and other bad consequences.

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