Pregnant women eat eggs this way, healthy mothers grow up quickly, increase resistance

Chicken eggs should be eaten for breakfast

At breakfast moms should eat chicken eggs to best absorb the nutrients in eggs to help the body stay healthy. Mothers should not eat chicken eggs at night will cause pregnant women with flatulence gastrointestinal disorders.

Do not eat raw chicken eggs

Many people often think that eating raw eggs is good for pregnant mothers, but few people know that when you eat raw eggs, salmonella infection can be harmful to health. When pregnant women infected with this bacteria can cause premature birth, pregnant women lose water due to diarrhea or vomiting is very dangerous.

Do not eat eggs for long

Do not eat too much

As recommended by nutrition experts, pregnant women should only eat 3-4 eggs per week is not enough to eat too much because extremely nutritious eggs can cause obesity. health effects for pregnant women and fetuses. Especially if pregnant women gain weight too quickly, their cholesterol level is high.

Do not eat chicken eggs for too long

When boiled eggs do not finish eating, do not regret to put in the refrigerator and then reheat. The fact that you eat eggs for a long time can be susceptible to harmful bacteria that affect the health of both mother and child.

Do not eat raw eggs

In addition, pregnant women should also keep in mind that when eating chicken eggs should avoid drinking tea at the same time because tannic acid tea water if combined with protein in chicken eggs will cause indigestion, kidney stones for pregnant women.