Recipes for mom good night my vote

1. find a comfortable posture

When the fetus develops, the pelvis to stretch to accommodate the baby. So, hip, strained your back pain though you sleep with. If you have a habit of sleeping on heads or prone then you must switch lying sideways and do not yet familiar with this posture should you suffer from insomnia or sleep soundly.

first 3 months

The fetus is still small and the force acting on the body of the mother is not yet significantly should she vote can optionally with many sleeping posture, supine or lying are appropriate. However, if you have the habit of lying down or sleeping pillow hug, she elected should change by this posture is not brought to good sleep.

3, between

If too much fluid water or bring song thai, she should vote is leaning. This sleeping posture makes you vote more comfortable and not pressure the fetus as the lying. If she elected to feel heavy legs part, and stats can be supine leg up soft.

last 3 months

Lying by her vote in this crucial period, closely related to the safety of the fetus. In the last months of pregnancy, the uterus usually rotate toward the right, so she should vote is leaning to the left to reduce the pressure on the arteries and pelvic area, and increase blood circulation process, providing nourishment for the fetus. If the legs were tailored to or varicose veins in the legs stretch up, she could have just left lying elected just a little foot-high stats will help blood circulation, do less leg edema.

If suffering from heartburn, you will feel comfortable if was overhead in a half-Chair located half sitting. Once on the bed, you can head to the back and knee support. At the same time, should avoid spicy food, so eat more smaller meals during the day, the acid-resistant medication to improve heartburn.

2. comfortable thought

Don't let the mind overwhelmed with worries about work and about the baby. The period of the pregnancy Hormone also makes you prone to irritation and more sensitive. For example, eating sugary food, beverages containing caffeine or exercise too near the hour of sleep also cause you to lose sleep.

At this point you should create for his habit of relaxing , deep breathing. Read also the way you sleep more easily

Try not to quarrel, not checking email or see the movie right before bedtime. Exercise before sleeping for about an hour, helping to reduce stress and improve sleep at night.

3. Restriction of insomnia because of having to urinate

When the fetus development, go to the bathroom several times during the night and is unavoidable. Urinary system must work to eliminate the excess fluid during pregnancy. In addition, the fetus much will cause pressure on the bladder, increasing the feeling of sadness go pee for you.

Drinking enough water is important to the mother but elected to minimize the number of times to get up because of the u.s. in the night, sister to remember not drink water right before going to bed. Parents elect to be advised to drink enough 2-2.5 litres of water per day. Absolutely not going to drink that drink the water descending and should only limit drinking about 1 hour before sleeping to avoid excessive urination at night.

To restrict urination at night, the mother elected should also go to the bathroom before bedtime. This is also a limited solution is part insomnia due to urinate.

4. Diet

My mom voted for insomnia should pay attention to your diet especially the food into the body before going to bed. The mother should not eat foods high in fat and spicy food in the evening because they increase the risk of heartburn, making you more awake.

Do not eat, drink a lot of sugar or caffeine before bed because they stimulate the baby moving. If picking snacks in the evening, try the dish rich in protein because it helps to stabilize blood sugar.

A good sleep at night is essential for anyone as she voted.

5. exercise

Although pregnant, the sisters also don't give daily exercise routines. Exercise not only helps the parents have a good pregnancy health, less tired and she elected to sleep anymore.

The important thing to note is that not exercise right before going to bed because the reaction can effect, making you more awake. My sister also should file the gentle subjects like yoga, walking or swimming.

6. Wear comfortable

The parents should also elect to buy the clothes maternity extensively to the most comfortable feeling when sleeping. If wearing tight or uncomfortable will make you feel smothered and go back to sleep to keep your night.

In summer, the sisters also should get a thin blanket to up in the night when cold.=