Signs that the fetus is abnormal: Pregnant women need to pay special attention

Signs that the fetus is abnormal

1. Inaudible fetal heart: Typically, the fetus's heart fetus will operate from the 5th week. By the 10th week, the pregnant mother will hear. At this stage, if you do not feel your baby's heartbeat, hurry to see a doctor.

2. Cramps: If the cramps persist, or cause excessive pain, get checked quickly to avoid unfortunate consequences.

3. Bleeding pregnancy: This is a dangerous sign, the most serious can lead to miscarriage. The reason is due to hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, placental problems.

4. Severe back pain: Back pain is a common phenomenon in pregnancy, because pregnant women have to carry the extra belly in the front. However, if not treated promptly or for too long will cause bladder and kidney problems.

5. The discharge of abnormal colored gas : The discharge of a healthy pregnant mother is usually transparent and odorless. But in color, especially in the blood, the fetus may be having problems.

6. Delayed fetal development (IUGR): The fetus does not develop in the mother's womb at any stage. This can lead to complications after the baby is born such as: breathing, even blood pressure.

Signs of a healthy fetus

1. Fetal movement: The fetus will begin to move at the 5th month of pregnancy. At 6 months, children will respond to sounds. At 7 months, children will respond to stimuli such as light, sound, and painful feelings. At 8 months, your baby will change position and often kick in the womb.

2. Normal development: The fetus will increase by 5m each month, to the 7th month will be about 36cm long. A healthy fetus will increase by 70g per week. By 39 weeks, your baby will weigh about 3kg and length from 45 - 50.8 cm.

3. Fetal heart: The fetal heart of a healthy fetus will beat from 110 to 160 beats per minute.

4. Mothers elected to gain weight steadily: Pregnant women have normal health will increase about 10 - 12 kg for the whole pregnancy.