The 'Assistant' when the power of the pregnancy she elected

Bolster-support naps

From the fourth month of pregnancy, her vote will be faced with back pain, hip pain. The fetus grows, the parents voted as having many of the hardest to have a good sleep. Therefore, these accessories to support your sleep at the moment is extremely necessary, particularly l à pillow hug. This will help to comfort her sister found these lying, sitting, without causing pressure on the belly. Sisters can select U-shaped support pillow, V, J.

Cool, comfortable clothing

During the election, especially in the hot summer, then selecting the Arab oi dress the elected have pitted against cool, comfort is a top priority with the sisters. Sisters should choose clothing material cotton or linen had to sweat absorbent and easy cool, besides fiups also for the move, walking is easier.

Her bra elected-chest support

Most of the sisters were complained about chest pain when pregnant and they choose how to hollow chest when sleeping with double mount hope will be comfortable. This is completely the wrong perspective. During pregnancy, your breasts bigger sizes so my sister so need the bra is designed specifically for parents. Select the type of good elasticity and material guarantees.

Candy entrapment-preventing vomiting

Morning sickness is the terrible situation that many parents elect to undergo especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy. At this time the sisters often searched a method with which to limit the vomiting and those lavender and Ginger flavour is the solution. Those types have a lot of flavor to your choice but 2 on many parents ' credit ' vote for.

My sister can also shut up this candy during the shallow crossing will help parents do not suffer from dry mouth.

Belly support belt

Growing belly causes sisters face symptoms of back pain. To improve this situation, I elected to buy his pants have abdominal support belt. Sisters should select the type of belt with good elasticity, the material is safe to not affect the baby as well as causing itchy for her mother.

Maternity books

A pregnancy book will be very useful for the first election mother motherhood. Sisters make buying home to consult the how to care for pregnancy, fetus and baby care after birth.

Bệt sandals

During pregnancy, the mother elected foot size will increase significantly and her mother elected also tend to feel more tired. So the sisters need to shop for a pair of slippers low to come back and be comfortable. Parents should also pay attention to buy bigger foot 1-2 size for the most comfortable.

Oral care tools

Many parents may not yet know, tooth or dental infections during the secret vote may make her vote was premature. Besides that, during pregnancy, the mouth of the sisters can be drier, more sensitive gums can easily cause gingivitis. So during this time, the parents voted to choose the type of toothbrush soft hairs or flossing once to use to healthy always oral in this pregnancy stage.=