The image of the newborn baby glared at the doctor, making netizens laugh hard

Recently, netizens have been stirring up the cute image of a newborn baby when they are born. Because no one could expect, just out of the womb, the baby had a slanted expression, glaring at the doctor, making everyone laugh.

The person who uploaded the photo on social media commented on a cute saying that "When he was born, he heard the news that his father owed more than tens of billions". Because watch the baby extremely angry, frown uncomfortable. Even some people are funny to comment, I was sleeping in the womb when I was awakened and dragged to "a far place", so it seemed not very satisfied. This is a lifetime photo, not only makes netizens excited, but also a memorable memory in the child's life.  

"How annoying ."

Up to now, no one knows where and when this photo was taken. Many muddy netizens left extremely hilarious comments on the photo:

- Isolate the virus in the womb, suddenly caught by the doctor.

- Good night, I pulled it out, and turned on the light. It's so dazzling.

- I don't know anything! Lying happily naturally dragged out .

- The sadness is healing and being pulled out. Pitiful.

- I told you not to, now suddenly have to put a whole bunch of debt on the head. How annoying!

Before that, netizens also got angry .

A year ago, netizens also got angry at the expression of a newborn baby from Thailand. Unlike the babies who are often born with jarring cries, this "young man" shows a frowning face, as if dissatisfied because sleep is disturbed, causing everyone to laugh. Many people have left the "extremely playful" expression as follows:

Who am i, who am i?

"Oh my dear little thief! When she was born, her face was like" no need for life ". After this, who dare to bully."

"Look at her face look like: inside is happy like a fairy. Naturally dragged out without consulting, put me back inside!"