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Twin pregnancy what other pregnancy usually

Signs of twin pregnancy Act no different than the other pregnancy cases but usually the mother getting pregnant sooner.

During pregnancy, the levels of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin Hormone) increases. HCG is the hormone secreted during pregnancy, it is of importance in the maintenance of life and development of the embryo.

The women likely to become pregnant high twin

Women over age 30.

Women who are in menopause.

Women with height above the average.

Women who are obese have a BMI (body mass ratio) > 25.

Women having twins or if there are twins in the family e.g. parents, aunts, and sisters you've got twins the other eggs.

Women have been made to support fertility.

Signs of twin pregnancy women

Based on the concentration of HcG

Because many different causes, the doctors can monitor the concentration of HcG (human chorionic gonadotropin). HCG is a hormone to be detected in the blood or urine of women after conception was 10 days and this concentration increased with very fast pace throughout the 10 weeks later. Women who carry a pregnancy song can have high HcG concentrations than normal. Your doctor can determine this through testing.

AFP concentrations in the blood

Measurement of AFP (Alphafetoprotein) is a blood test done on the pregnant women from 6 months-also known as serum testing of pregnant women. This is the test that helps identify the increased risk of some birth defects and also indicate whether pregnant women have brought the song pregnant or not.

Fetal heart rate

In the third month of pregnancy, you can have your doctor measure the heart rate to determine whether you are carrying the song pregnant or not. Here's how to diagnose completely harmless but sometimes completely inaccurate, by can you uncover more than a heartbeat is caused by a confusion of sounds in the womb.

Weight gain more than usual

Women carry the song pregnant often gain weight than the normal pregnant women. Women's weight when pregnant can depend on height, weight and body characteristics before the pregnancy, but gain weight too quickly in a short time may be because you're carrying more than one baby in the abdomen.

A larger waist than the gestation

During pregnancy, most women would also be conducted measuring the belly ring. Waist greater than normal can be caused by many different causes, which brings the song pregnant is also a case to be up to.

Pregnancy, heavy

About 50% of pregnant women of nausea or vomiting in pregnancy. Twin pregnancy the mother too but it doesn't mean they were pregnancy doubled. Only about 15% of the pregnant mother suffered severe morning double.

The fetus moving soon and more

Feeling the baby "swinging" in the belly of the fruit is not pleasant for pregnant women, particularly for women who carry a pregnancy song then this tends to happen very early and regular level than normal. This also is a sign for you to get to know whether they are carrying the fetusvaries much more than a baby or not.

Constant fatigue

This is the most common symptom of pregnant mothers. Drowsiness, nausea, exhaustion in the first three months may be more serious because of the mother's body to "labor" to create nutrition for the fetus. In some cases, fatigue may be caused by other factors (work, stress, poor nutrition, ...) rather than a sign of pregnancy.

Family history or hunch themselves

Sometimes a mother's intuition can also feel found itself carrying a pregnancy song. In addition, family history is also a factor for you to consider about the feel. Women in families with a history of twins, the twin capabilities also will be higher than others. But remember, however you should not yourself "diagnosis" that make the presentation with your doctor about family history or what your feeling to get the help to match.

Through ultrasound images

The most accurate way to confirm you are pregnant sometimes or not is to look at the results. Through ultrasound images of the mother will easily recognize the two amniotic sac located next to each other. If you do not recognize this, the doctor thai directly to you well informed about the situation of your pregnancy.

If you see 2 baby in ultrasound, then congratulations, you have double pregnancy. But, the job now is to eat more of those single pregnant and pregnancy check-ups regularly. Bring the song will carry over contraceptive unit coming under so much. In return, through 9 months 10 days you are clutching his side two small angels, happiness was mirrored, what better than to not.=