The type of abortion once can cause infertility forever

Pregnancy-scraping for stumbling block

Although social progress but is still not less women lack knowledge about health care, especially reproductive health. When "Miss" unintended pregnancy , many sisters have chosen to "solve" a ... Africa science should solve the "consequence", then choose the way Africa is science ... poke through. This is very dangerous because it influenced the woman's health.

The most recent incident of a woman named h. beyond age 40 in the District of peace (the Peace). When pregnant, the fetus was nearly 3 months old. Unable to keep abortion but also afraid to go to the hospital, she decided to come to her home in side Township lang thanks to handle.

Ms. lang "do magic" and then use the small trees poke phase uterus woman 3 times. The consequence is a woman h. out much blood, hospitalized in critical condition. The doctor concluded h. ice blood, infection of the womb and to the emergency blood transfusions.

North pill

North pill also is the way abortion orthodoxy, dangerous but still some sisters applied.

North pill also is the way abortion orthodoxy, dangerous but still some sisters applied.

When his pregnant three months, Ms. snow in BAC Giang Province think having to quit, though that abortion is the result of love of his sister and lover. Shame does not dare to go to the hospital for fear of bringing notoriety, she asked a fella, and was just an abortion with the drug North.

Look to a specialist in drug loading lang her other Township, sister of request caught the abortion pill. After the match, Ms. lang said she and told to go home, after drinking two shades that will out.

Did the word of Ms. lang, Ms. sharp oral medications. Drink 2 times, you see abdominal pain and bleeding much writhing. Believe that abortion was off, I try to bear the pain. Nearly one week that the pain doesn't end, people rush home taken to the emergency hospital. After review, the doctor concluded she would not be able to have kids anymore because of the removal of the uterus infection and are showing signs of gangrene.

Abortion by vegetables

In addition to the abortion method is extremely dangerous as using sticks, North, in folk medicine also handed down the way abortion by aromatic vegetables, persicaria, sweet vegetables.

This is a common approach, not only in the region, which was secluded much of young people right here in the capital.

Rare visit late at Hanoi maternity HOSPITAL, sister in Thach, Hanoi does not think that she plunged into more than 5 years married yet to have children as today is because of his previous mistakes.

The thing is, when the new economic conditions the wedding there are again living with her husband's family want to focus business make money buy pieces of land for construction of small houses should be planned. Computer is so but not all goes as Italy, yet how long pregnant sister's wedding, do not want to miss the couple plan decision.

Heard many say farewell sweet vegetable juice drink could get abortion safety where cutlery, touch clear all. For that which is simple to do, or she made right away. She also found abdominal pain, bleeding should be assured as the thai went out. But more than a month after she found abdominal pain, go visit the known dead fetus in uterus and could cause severe inflammation.

You have to go to the hospital to remove the abortion procedure but also from then to now has over 5 years that beans never pregnant sister back.

BS product specialist Nair worked at clinics in HA Dong, Hanoi said: the majority of the audience in places where abortion is not recognized by this law are young people, not to marry, lack of knowledge about reproductive health or due to the lower population level , afraid of costly.

Because of psychological panic, afraid to so many crowded hospital sisters sneaky, secret, dose of abortion by the unscientific method so new lead to unfortunate consequences.

Abortion by smoking, by rods are usually not instrument should create conditions for germs entering the blood, tissue damage internal organs causing infertility, even death. Also abortion by drugs with aromatic vegetables, knotweed, could damage the thai sweet vegetables but also more dangerous for pregnant women. Because although the bleeding but it doesn't mean abortion pushed out.

In the case of stillbirths in the womb without being put out in time as in the case of Ms. Method can lead to inflammation of the uterus, the egg, if heavy, will have to cut off new preserves. That influence the reproductive health of the sisters.=