The vegetables are good for health

Surprised with the effect from "excess portion" of vegetables

Usually we have routine removal of a portion of vegetables such as shells, leaves before processing the dish. However, this in turn makes you waste a substantial portion of the loss of nutrients.

Cantaloupe seed

Cantaloupe seeds rich in protein, fiber, vitamin E, ma Jesus. Grilled melon yellow, and then to add olive oil to have a nutritious snacks.

Green cauliflower leaves

The section of green cauliflower contains a lot of vitamin C and calcium, vitaminA. Take slice them and processing the same the rest of the cauliflower.

-Fleshed watermelon

Outer layer of watermelon contains the amino acid citrulline have effects support the blood circulation. To use, you tell watermelon slips into a green machine Smoothie along strawberries and a little orange juice is a delicious smoothie dishes were.

The leper part watermelon can be used to make a healthy smoothie

Celery tops

Very tasty celery tops and full of calcium, vitamin C, the Lord helps to increase muscle and bone consolidation. You can use the celery tops as a herb for soups, soup.

Peel onion

Peel the onion contains a large amount of quercetin has the ability to lower blood pressure and immune system support. Add the onion peels into the stew, steamed and then picked them off before eating.

Orange peel

Orange peel aroma very pleasant, good for the digestive system of the same immune system thanks to rich in fiber and vitamin c. chopped orange peel and then sprinkled the fish or chicken dishes.

Amaranth leaves

According to research by scientists, not only that amaranth healthy. Part of its leaves (the part we normally use) is also very rich in nutrients like iron, calcium ... Besides that it also contains many amino acid glutamine helps strengthen the immune system and the body's ability to recover after a trauma.

Carrot leaves

When eating carrots, no one thought would eat its leaves. In fact, the carrot leaves rich in magnesium help stabilize blood pressure, make healthy bone and muscle development. Moreover it also supports metabolic processes of the body.

Carrot leaves rich in magnesium help stabilize blood pressure

Peel potatoes

Peel the potatoes dry and slightly chewy should usually be discarded during processing. However, it is rich in fiber help balance the digestive system. Attached to it is the nutrient such as vitamin B, vitamin C ... help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. According to scientific studies, women should always supplement fiber to the body to help reduce calorie absorption avoid weight gain.

Apple Peel

You will be surprised to know that many Apple bark fiber and vitamins than the meat inside. So it has the effect of reducing blood cholesterol, inflammatory and slow oxidation.=