To help you recognize the signs of a miscarriage soon

In the first week of pregnancy, cells divide and grow very fast, and the implant into the lining of the uterus occurs about a week after fertilization. Hormone levels rise quickly and if you try to conceive, you can get a positive result. However, at this stage, the embryo is virtually impossible to see with the naked eye.

There are many reasons why an embryo stopped growing. If this happens in the first week, many women would not feel anything unusual.

For each of the signs of miscarriage can be different, but the basic characteristic is that there will be bleeding (possibly very little but very often more) and suffered cramps-usually stronger than normal cramps and can be quite painful.

' Scare stumbling block "is a medical term for the symptoms that may occur in the early stages of the miscarriage (although there are also many women have these symptoms when pregnant but then the symptoms disappear and the pregnancy remained normal.)

The symptoms of a miscarriage soon include:

-Take the typical feeling during pregnancy such as chest stress and sickness.

-Vaginal (like a mucus, can be both a blood stain)

-Bleeding or bleed dot working laboriously.

-Mild cramps: If you see this sign, you should talk to your doctor, health care or to the hospital immediately.

Unfortunately can not do anything to prevent the miscarriage but the important thing is to get the advice from the doctor, check whether you need to be hospitalised or not, and to make sure you are not in danger.

The causes of miscarriage

Generally most women suffer a miscarriage often feel guilty and they want to know why I was just awesome.

In some cases, can conduct testing to determine the cause of a miscarriage, but was unable to find out the exact reason.

The miscarriage is often complex, and often by a number of different factors. However, we know that there are many common reasons leading to miscarriage and in most cases, this is outside the control of the couple.

The reasons include:

-Chromosome abnormalities in babies (this is the cause of half of the miscarriage cases).

-The fertilized egg does not attach are on into the uterus.

-Has the problem of hormone concentrations or the placenta.

-Mom's health problems such as infection, high fever or suffer from diseases such as diabetes or thyroid disease.

-The cervix has a problem.

-Exposure to chemical toxins, including tobacco smoke and drink alcohol.

-Use at least 200mg caffeine every day.

-Old mother.

Some causes of miscarriage can be successfully treated, and some living habits need to change, but most cases don't know the cause.=


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