Warn not to clean the umbilical cord while pregnant

The story of the young Ming Ming mother of Guangzhou in China while bathing her saw that the navel had a lot of dirt. Because of fear that these stains will make the gourd image not so beautiful, Minh Minh used her hands and strong force to remove all these dirty layers in her navel. These stains stick very tightly, so she struggles with scrubbing, but it is still impossible, even though she made skin flaking.

Unfortunately, Minh Minh saw a sign of bleeding and quickly took a taxi to the hospital to be treated by a doctor. Here, the doctors said she had an umbilical cord infection due to umbilical cord, which led to the bacteria not getting into her body and baby.

After this incident, Minh Minh was very sad because of her lack of understanding, she lost her small angel unjustly, making her regretful and unable to forgive herself.

Sister Minh Minh deliberately lost her child

Experts warn not to clean the umbilical cord when pregnant

Umbilical cord is a particularly important position during pregnancy, because it contains placenta that nourishes your baby. When this acupressure zone is easily touched by hand and visible with the eyes. In the umbilical region is also very susceptible to invading bacteria that make people more susceptible to disease. According to the study, there are 1400 bacteria living in the umbilical region.

Care of the navel area during pregnancy must be very careful, because the skin of the navel is very sensitive to the surrounding effects. Therefore, when bathing the pregnant mother, pay special attention to the care of the umbilical region, do not arbitrarily hurt her navel area.

The pregnant mother does not arbitrarily clean the umbilical cord

When the umbilical cord is damaged mother and baby may be in danger, when cleaning you only use cotton swabs to moisten and gently clean, should not hurt the skin in the navel area.