What age should parents give birth to 2019 to make their families more lucky, happy to be full?

In 2019 is the year of Ky Hoi, which means that children born in 2019 will be 'piggy girls' - destiny Moc - lovely Moc Moc Binh, smart and funny.

First, to know if the parents match the age of the children, they must see the Five Elements, the similarity. Whether the five elements of the father are suitable for the child or the five members of the mother are suitable for you. From there, will know the age of birth of the child is suitable for parents age. The five-element rule is very easy to remember: Earth-born Fire

Year 2019 is the year of Ky Hoi - Con Loi - Moc - Binh Dia Moc par. From the above table of five elements, it can be seen that Moc aquatic, nourishing water for plants to grow. Therefore, if the parents that destined for the birth of Moc children, what is equal. Certainly, the combination of these two destinies will bring Tai Loc to parents, good vitality for children . good things will come to parents and children as well as constantly multiply and flourish.

Picture 1 of What age should parents give birth to 2019 to make their families more lucky, happy to be full?

Picture 1 of What age should parents give birth to 2019 to make their families more lucky, happy to be full?

Secondly, to determine if the parents have the birth year of their children, they do not have to look at their parents. Therefore, to determine if the birth of a child in 2019 is suitable for parents, it must be based on two factors:

- Factor 1: The Five Precepts of the Father, Mother and Son

- Element 2: Parental Father, Mother, Child.

If both destiny and courage of father and mother carve the child, then that year, parents should not give birth, but on the contrary, if both destiny and Can chi match or just need one of the two factors to match, they will can give birth

8-year-old Mother and daughter born in 2019 with great sand and great wealth

According to the feng shui number, from the above analysis, it can be said that the parents of the following ages who give birth in 2019 are extremely good as: Tan Mui, Binh Ty, Dinh Suu, An Hoi, Giap Tuat, An Suu and Mau Thin.

In addition, congratulations to these 8 parents who gave birth in 2019, because watching the age of childbearing in the age of making EAT with parents also helps the business and business of parents better. This can be considered an arrow of them 2 targets. So which year is the best birth in 2019?

Child birth in 2019 Ky Hoi age is good?

Born on the day of the Rat: The age of Hoi was born on the day of the Rat with the number of laurels, love, and everywhere, there were lovers who loved and respected. If they are not alert in choosing a partner, they are still hard to avoid lonely and troublesome scenes. These people have lucky numbers, meet hung sand, always meet the help of people, protect and overcome difficulties.

Picture 2 of What age should parents give birth to 2019 to make their families more lucky, happy to be full?

Picture 2 of What age should parents give birth to 2019 to make their families more lucky, happy to be full?

Born on the Ox day: Born at this hour, the age of Hoi will be starred by Thai Duong, so the life is met with lots of luck, and the career name is clear.

Born on the first day: Age Born in the year of the tiger is a person who is outgoing and temperate, hard to control emotions. In life, we need to be aware of conflicts and controversies, causing trouble and scandal.

Born on a Cat day: A person with power, status, respected and trusted by people. However, in the life, the elderly of the Rabbit-type Pig need to avoid litigation, causing the loss of wealth.

Born on Thin Day: Age of Birth is now lucky to be good star Nguyet Duc projected destiny should do well, success as expected, at times of trouble, disaster is also dissolved. The whole life can live in comfort, peace, not worry about money, status.

Born on the day of the Snake: The old people Born on the day of the Asylum with affinity for business, having the opportunity to prosper and gain a lot of success but need to be prevented from losing money. Due to the translation of Dich Vong mat, so Hoi Hoi's business needs to be more certain and cautious.

Born on the day of the Horse: Born on the day of the Year of the Horse Hoped to be both good stars Horoscope, Long Duc show destiny so the career name is well-informed, life is harmonious and good. Although sometimes encountering difficulties in work, they were helped by the people to overcome.

Born on the day of Smell: Age Born now Smell is smart, wise and has innate leadership. Thanks to their straightforwardness and honesty, they are loved and trusted by many people. However, because of the White Tiger star pared, these people need to be aware of health problems.

Birth of the Body: Age of the Pig gives birth to the Body with many dreams and ambitions but without the will to overcome difficulties. So they just settled in a normal, stable life, without much money. Thanks to the celestial star, the gods have a lot of enjoyment of their lives, they are safe and not in need.

Birth of Rooster: Age of Birth Rooster is a person who has the ability to be creative at work but is often misunderstood to be bad for others. So these people need to be more careful in making friends and building social relationships.

Born on the Day of the Dog: Born at this hour, the age of Pig is less fortunate in romance. If you do not consider, be careful in choosing your partner, then they will have to suffer from loneliness, family conflicts and discord.

Born on the day of the Pig: If you want to achieve success, the age of the Born now needs to go through many ups and downs and challenges. It is very likely that in their life they will face failure but if they have strong will and determination, sooner or later they will achieve what they want.

Born in the Rat hour (23-1h): Age people Born now Ordinary times have a handsome appearance, smart, smart and talented. They are easy to achieve in many areas thanks to their extensive knowledge and understanding. However, these people, when in love, are very deep, often becoming blind and heartbroken.

Born in the Ox (1-3h): Due to the Earth's Destruction, the destiny of the Water, so the old people are born. Nowadays, it is easy to fall into the enjoyment and negative lifestyles, without clear goals in their life. They often rely on others, for their fame, for their money and for their love.

Born in Gradual Time (3-5h): Born at this time has a strong and assertive personality but sometimes is quite conservative, refusing to listen to other people's opinions. That makes them easy to make mistakes in work and life.

Born at the time of the Rabbit (5-7h): Age of Birth The hour of the Rabbit is the person who has the most luck in work, life. What they do also achieves good results as expected, prosperous fortune, never suffering from difficult and needy situations.

Born in Thin Period (7-9h): Age of Birth Now Thin is difficult to achieve success due to his impatience and carelessness at work. They often decide to hastily rely on intuition, refusing to listen to others' advice, so many times fail.

Born in the hour of the Snake (9-11h): Born at this hour, the age of Hoi will have a lot of luck and convenience on the path of developing career and career. In the middle age, they have many opportunities to cooperate in business and build a solid career.

Birth of the Horse (11-13h): Age Born at the time of the Ngo good at earning money, doing business prosperously, however, it is easy to consume and distribute money. There are some who are officials but only help others but not enrich themselves.

Born at the Hour of Smell (13-15h): Age of birth is now smart, sharp and sharp but does not meet favorable opportunities. So life is only maintained at normal and stable level.

Body time (15-17h): As a person who is good at communication and behavior, has many friendships, is loved by everyone, the age of Born in the time of the Body has a number of officials, holding in authority and authority taste.

Born in Rooster time (17-19h): The age of the Siddhartha is now the less fortunate in the career name, easy to be harmed by the bad, deceiving and leading to failure. In order to achieve success, these people need to be carefully calculated, more cautious at work.

Born in Tuat (19-21h): Being a friendly, open-minded person who loves life freely and always wants to experience, discover unique and interesting things. The age of Born into the future Tuat will become a politician, scientific researcher, doctor .

Born hours Pig (21-23h): Age Pig birth Now Pig life is very ups and downs, must go through many difficulties and challenges to build a stable career. These people must be very careful in associating friends, otherwise they will be exploited by bad guys, hindering their career.

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