You don't 'run', still a good school!

When the race of the artist to the portal on universities as climax, then the parents have kids coming into pre-school, primary school also took part in the race, select the field coil. It is important that parents need to think, consider when deciding to run schools, when still more new direction to school quality.

Every year, many parents like "sitting on fire" when filing date has his children yet proximity definitely has a place to study in the school. The craze "runs" are rising with enough type styles, many parents had to make use of a series of relationships-site, from relatives to friends, from co-workers to the clues drive, running the household, Subscribe to staying ... Because of the program, preschool primary school played an important role in the process of formation of the personality of the child, creating a solid foundation for transition into high school. However, the sending, depending on as much but still no guarantee for the child to receive a quality environment in the school, meet the legitimate needs of learning, work, fun, entertainment.

The dynamic in the cultural, sport

In parallel with those running the school as common on then the parents must tighten budget spending in order to make the family a place to learn, which according to them is "notable". However, no specific level but are present when up to thousands of dollars, while parents have not dared to make themselves have invested in the right place, in the right place.

The babies are discussed in class in kindergarten-primary school British America

Comprehend deeply the distress of the parents, the British education system America had built and constantly evolving model of kindergarten-primary school. Here, parents are not "run the London run due" or "tighten" for schools that still thrive mentally and physically in the environment, ensuring quality education.

Extracurricular learning of the baby

In kindergarten-primary school British America, babies enjoy advanced education with teachers of high qualification, to craft, to love their children. Different numbers of students, 40-50 children/class class in the Uk free Us only 15 to 20 children, because that would take care of the baby. At the same time, the school building program strengthens the extracurricular activities, regularly take students visit the fact in the museums, recreation areas and the Organization of the Festival under the theme ... help the kid motivated, confident in communication and in socialactivities.

The baby do the presenter in the opening ceremony of the school

Parents will not have to worry about finding a school for your child in a central location convenient to shuttle because the school is located right in the city centre, 298A Nguyen Tat Thanh, Ward 13, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City. If there is no time to shuttle children, parents also will reassured because the school bus high quality students. And to relieve anxieties of tuition, the school has built up stable tuition policy, many incentives.

With the aim of providing quality education, each year, the school invest hundreds of million to equip classrooms system and fully equipped function rooms, best serve the needs and work out of the kid. The kid's meals are focused on quality, ensure food safety and to provide sufficient energy, nutrients.

In preschool-elementary Vietnamese American English, the teachers always taught devotion, enthusiasm

For that reason, expect that the parents think, consider when deciding to choose schools, when still more new direction to school quality. With education-oriented "perfection of knowledge, power, ethics, skills," the boy studying in preschool-elementary Vietnamese English Usa not only grow evenly about physical, intellectual, creative, thinking ability, aesthetic but also cultivate life skills. Thereby, arouse maximum development and potential capacities of the child, laying the Foundation for learning in higher academic levels and their education for a lifetime. KINDERGARTEN-PRIMARY SCHOOL BRITISH AMERICAAddress: 298A Nguyen Tat Thanh, Ward 13, District 4, HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM.Tel: (08) 3940 2100-3940 7638Hotline: