3 serious mistakes made 2 not reduce fat

(MissNews)-depends on diet products, exercise the wrong way ... is the cause of your waistline and more obesity., round 2, round the waist, exercise, wellness ...

Diet product dependencies

Photo : 3 serious mistakes made 2 not reduce fat

3 serious mistakes made 2 not reduce fat Eating too much yogurt is not the way to reduce your waist!

You should know that the absorption of these diet products such as sugar-free candy, yogurt, low-fat snacks or drinks for dieters not to help us maintain the weight in the long term. Instead, the artificial sweeteners can cause the body to store more fat.

Set of sit-up too much

Supine post sit up (sit-up) good for health and help tighten waist. But spend time episode sit-up from 50 to 100 times each day does not help make your jeans become broader. Rather sit-up constantly, you are advised to walk fast or run in the Park. Can also choose the treadmill in about a half hour each day to dispel "the aggressors" in the belly ring.

Massage the abdomen the wrong way

According to experts, each day spend 10-15 minutes to massage 2-3 times is how simple and effective firming waist. According to Oriental medicine, massage helps stimulate the blood vessels under the skin works, increase metabolism and fat destruction, pain, digestive support. However, the need to massage gently, avoiding when just fed.