4 effective hair loss treatment with grapefruit Peel

How to treat hair loss with grapefruit Peel

Way 1:

You prepare the 300 gr fresh grapefruit Peel, remember is to fresh and succulent, not too green and overcooked (grapefruit shells turn into dark yellow color) to get the largest amount of essential oil.

The essential oil of grapefruit Peel effective hair loss treatment.

Spray directly onto the hair, essential oil helps treat hair loss effect and stimulate new hair grows grapefruit rind or boiled with boiling water to form a water shampoo substitute for shampoo, especially good for the just born baby.

Squeeze lightly to grapefruit essential oil hair permeability feature on hair fibers, or after you're done shampooing hair with soft towel to wipe memory, do not use the thick comb hair to flow.

Method 2:

Use the essential oil of grapefruit rind in water 10 ml mix well and apply to the hair once wash once a day (do not need to discharge the water), it will decrease the amount of hair loss, fractures stimulates hair and shiny hair, velvet.

Method 3:

You can add 5-8 drops of the essential oil of grapefruit rind in water or shampoo, mix together the shampoo also helps to restore damaged hair, stimulates hair regrowth.

4 ways:

40 ml grapefruit essential oil pure Republic + 20 ml of essential oil of sandalwood, the need in a liter of pure coconut oil. After the wet scalp, taking about 15-20 ml of mixed on the Tien, every massage into hair pin the hair loss from 20-30 minutes to give the essential oil penetrates into the hair follicles and then wash again with shampoo.=