4 makeup steps that are both fast and simple like Rosé (BlackPink)

Rosé (BlackPink) is famous for her beautiful, sweet appearance as a muse coming out of the fairy world. And to have a beautiful and sweet appearance like Rosé, you only need to perform 4 extremely simple makeup steps below.

1. Background layer

For women who own skin like Rosé is white porcelain, you should choose only a thin layer of skin and skin color. For acne spots or freckles, you can use a small amount of concealer to fix.

For those with dark skin, choose a foundation that is 1-2 tones brighter than your skin and also need to be very realistic to avoid getting chalk or mold. Especially, always remember to spread the cream on the neck area to make the overall appearance more harmonious.

2. Blush

Rosé has little face makeup model because it will make her look "dumb". She likes to use blushing like peach makeup. You can learn Rosé rubbing blush on cheekbones creating an effect full of vitality, the sweet lovely appearance.

3. Eye makeup

Rosé has a pair of eyelids, but her eyes are large and round so she often has quite a heavy eyeliner, the tail extends and flips to an angle of 30 degrees to help press her eyes bigger and deeper. The eyeshadows she chooses are usually gentle but fresh colors like coral pink, baby pink.

Rosé eyelashes are often styled as katun lashes, but they also help the eyelids more clearly and help open the corners of the eyes to be bigger and rounder.

4. Lipstick

The singer born in 1997 loves pink lipstick. Thanks to her white skin, she can weigh many colors of cocoon, "cheesy" and quite difficult to use such as pink, lotus petals, coral pink. These lip colors both bring sweet femininity and bring fresh radiance to your appearance.