4 steps to control simple sweat

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Keep calm

Feeling of stress on the nerve can cause sweat more. Therefore, you should try to remain calm before the situation can cause stress.

Photo : 4 steps to control simple sweat

4 steps to control simple sweat Avoid stress will help you restrict the sweat.


You will choose is pretty much simple but yoga exercises can help control excessive sweating effectively. Sitting meditation is considered the most popular choice because they help mental relaxation, gentle. Thus, the function in the body will slow down activity, including sweat glands.

Use talcum

Although talcum is not recommended for small children as easily cause rhinitis and allergy for babies, adults can use this product to control the sweat on the body in the hot summer days. By talcum dry and mild nature, should have more of them very pleasant for the user. You please illuminate those parts were much sweat on the body.

Cooling watermelon peels for skin

Let's cut the slices of Watermelon Slim and up onto the skin of face and neck, to about 15 minutes and then rinse with water. Your skin will become softer, increase elasticity, clean and fresh.