4 ways to make beautiful skin smooth

Want to have a shiny and healthy skin this summer, start by following the 4 tips from the experts below, not only the facial skin but also the body skin significantly improved.

Enhance skin moisturization with humidifier

Picture 1 of 4 ways to make beautiful skin smooth Photo 1 of 4 ways to make beautiful skin smooth

The skin can only be shiny, healthy when it is effectively moisturized, and at night is the best time for this. That means that even if you think that moisturizing in the summer is too much, always apply enough lotion to the skin before going to bed. But besides the cream, you should also invest in a humidifier in your bedroom. According to a dermatologist, turning on a humidifier at night is the simplest but most effective way to improve the skin's moisture.

Focus on moisturizing the skin when flying

Summer is a season of travel and you will have to travel quite a lot. A few hours of flying in the sky seemed nothing but very bad for the skin because the air in the cabin was very mysterious, lack of moisture. Therefore, when flying, temporarily set aside the need for makeup, instead focusing on moisturizing the skin. You can apply a thicker or more gaudy lotion than a paper mask, as long as it ensures that the skin is always moist during the flight. Equally important is to close the airplane window as soon as possible to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

Apply sunscreen to protect your skin thoroughly

Picture 2 of 4 ways to make beautiful skin smooth Photo 2 of 4 ways to make beautiful skin smooth

Applying sunscreen is definitely the number one priority in summer skincare and all other seasons of the year. You can choose a physical or chemical sunscreen depending on your preference, but physical sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide is considered to be safer and healthier for your skin. That's not to mention it also slightly raises the skin tone, making the skin fresher, brighter, very useful on days when you don't wear makeup.

In parallel with applying sunscreen, you need to shield your skin thoroughly with hats, eyeglasses, long sleeves . if you spend a lot of time outdoors. This "dual protection" mode is the number one strategy for maintaining important, healthy white and pink skin in the summer.

Bathe properly so that your body skin is shiny

Picture 3 of 4 ways to make beautiful skin smooth Photo 3 of 4 ways to make beautiful skin smooth

Besides facial skin, she probably wants skin body to stretch the ball. According to a dermatologist, there is a very simple way to improve the body's healthy shine, which is a hot shower and ends with 1 minute of cold water.

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