5 mistakes when washing your face that make you hurt your skin

Smooth, smooth skin is always the dream of every girl. Therefore, keeping your face clean is a top priority to avoid less beautiful pimples and aging wrinkles. However, washing your face can be very damaging, but it is easy to hurt your skin if you do it the wrong way. Here are common face wash mistakes that many beauty believers make.

1. Wash your face with hot water

Washing your face with hot water will damage the skin, causing it to dry out quickly and cause more sebum to be released. In the long run this will make the skin more prone to acne and wrinkles easily. Best dermatologists recommend using warm, moderate temperatures, not too hot or too cold when washing your face.

2. Using the wrong kind of cleanser

Our skin is divided into 5 types including: oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, normal skin, combination skin and each skin type has different properties. The use of inappropriate cleanser will make the skin drier or more oil, more prone to acne, irritation. Therefore, first of all you have to find out what kind of skin you are and then choose the right cleanser line, helping your skin clean, without being affected by any bad effects.

3. Wash your face with dirty hands

If you want healthy, white skin, wash your hands well before washing your face. When washing your face with dirty hands, dirt from your hands may gradually migrate to your face. At this time, facial cleansing no longer maximizes the effect of cleansing the face when it is still necessary to face more hands cleaning. Wash your hands with soap before washing your face.

4. Wash your face too many times

Washing your face regularly and blamelessly during the day will lose the necessary sebum on the surface, leading to more sebum on oily and combination skin, dry and flaky dry skin. Often, rash, irritation and burning in sensitive skin. Therefore, you should only wash your face 2 times / day, in the morning to wake up to remove sebum and the evening before going to bed to remove dirt, toxins from the external environment.

5. Do not use moisturizer after washing your face

Using a facial cleanser can make your skin dehydrated and drier, so don't forget to moisturize after washing your face. Keeping skin cells moist is an indispensable part in maintaining a soft and smooth appearance as well as preventing skin aging. Applying moisturizer after washing your face will help skin cells to absorb nutrients easily.