6 useful tips for her deep lip

Limit the use of lipstick

A true irony is when the lips as possible down to the trend, the use of lipstick sisters back rise to hidden defects. In fact, the lipsticks that contain many chemical ingredients that may cause dry lips and skin cells causing the fill tube skin of the lips become dry and dark.

Please carefully select the type of lip balm with natural ingredients instead of using the solution situation by a harsh lip.

Absolutely not licking the lips

Many people have the habit of regular lip willing and think that doing so would be better moisturizing lips, more beautiful, but the truth, then this action resulted in loss of natural oil layers protect the lips, dry lips, chapped lips which were strongly stain human words and gradually come to see. Therefore you need to quickly abandon this habit.

Drink milk

This in fact would like to mention the care from the inside, not from outside. Science has proven that milk and juice can lighten the color of the lips, especially when minimizing drinking coffee and tea. The substance acts as natural antioxidants will heal the kind of irritation and remove the stain strongly stain human caused by harmful agents.

Boost drink milk and organic juice to reduce the deep color of the lips. Unhealthy diet can also lead to discoloration of the skin and other disorders.

Limit coffee and quit

Under the impact of caffeine and nicotine makes your teeth not only dark colored but also cause dryness and dark lips. So, please limit coffee, at the same time eliminate the habit to forget to smoke to fit health protection has just regained the morning of your beautiful looks.


One of the causes leading to the down of the dead cell layer is lips refuses to leave the location when they no longer work on the lips. Therefore, the implementation step Exfoliating is not to be missed if the sisters want to get soft lips a silky, healthy and attractive.

Use a few almonds finely ground and mixed with honey and raw milk can make a moisturizer. Apply nutrients on up the lips and use a small brush to make Exfoliating step at least 3 times a week is also the effective method to retrieve the sisters seem smooth morning of your lips.

Coriander mask

Natural materials are also known for an effective light effects for dark lips. Water extracts of coriander leaves will gradually reduce the speed of the lips.

All you have to do is crush a few leaves of vegetables, squeezing them until you have enough water. In the end, whenever that extract onto the lips were cleaned to help lip and lip color light.=