Aging fast while exercising, maybe you didn't know?

From pimples to rapid aging, your skin will face at least 5 risks when exercising.

No one can deny, hard working exercise will bring wonderful benefits for health and spirit; However, for the skin is not sure. When you exercise, your skin will sweat more, sebum stronger and this is the reason, the skin will face some of the harmful problems below, if you do not know how Smart care and protection

1. Facial acne-filled

This happens when you do not remove makeup on your face before exercising. Because as mentioned above, when exercising strongly, the skin will sweat and sebum stronger, plus the backlog of makeup, sunscreen remnants, pores will be clogged, bacteria easily proliferate and skin breakouts will be a one-off affair.

2. The pores are bigger

When you exercise, your whole body will heat up and so will your skin. This causes temporary pores expansion, and if makeup and sunscreen residues remain on the skin, by this opportunity they will penetrate and seal the pores. According to New York-based dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, New York: "Bacteria, sweat . trapped can make pores bigger over time, blackheads appear, and skin becomes duller". .

So, to avoid the risk of pimples and poorly enlarged pores, don't forget to remove your make-up thoroughly before exercising so your skin can breathe. After exercise, do not forget to use cleanser, toner to clean the skin perfectly and be ready for the next skincare steps!

3. Back acne protest

Picture 1 of Aging fast while exercising, maybe you didn't know? Photo 1 of Aging fast while exercising, maybe you didn't know?

The reason why your back acne rumbles might be because you chose the wrong outfit when exercising. Some types of training shirts have a fabric that is difficult to absorb sweat, causing skin secretions and from there, back acne easily appears, making you lose confidence when wearing an open back. The solution, according to Dr. Joshua Zeichner in New York, is to wear cool clothes: "There are many types of exercise made from improved fabric, helping sweat easier." And so, back acne will no longer be a problem for women who love sports anymore.

4. Dull skin, hurt by the sun

We can apply sunscreen before work, but few remember this task before exercising."Whether you exercise indoors or out, your skin will be exposed to UV light," says Joshua. And imagine that every day you let your skin touch for hours with UV light, a series of signs of aging will appear. Therefore, before going to the gym for about 15-20 minutes, remember to apply sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 to protect your skin!

Picture 2 of Aging fast while exercising, maybe you didn't know? Photo 2 of Aging fast while exercising, maybe you didn't know?

5. Skin may appear wrinkled

Some people fear that vigorous physical activities like running can destroy collagen and cause sagging skin and wrinkles. According to dermatologist Joshua: "This may or may not. We have not determined it yet. However, if you are worried about the risk of aging, light sports will be your choice. choose more ideal ".

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