Beat all scars because of this magical bulb

Say no to scars, give your skin a glossy, smooth white skin if you know the recipe for scarring with purple onions below.

Whether big scars, small scars, long-lasting scars like burns, mosquito bites, or acne-scarred scars, the incision disappears with this purple onion recipe, you know?

Because in the composition of onions containing vitamins A, C, E and active ingredient quexitin with strong antioxidant ability to treat acne, fade scars, brighten skin, eliminate dead cells and regenerate skin new effective.

Scars are considered to be the most annoying skin imperfections, because unlike skin color or acne can be overcome, because it disappears completely. Refer to the recipe for scars fade with the kind of material can be found in your kitchen. And remember, no matter what method you take, massage the keloid regularly, as this will make your scar softer, less itchy and red.

Uses scars of purple onion not everyone knows! Forget about scar scar cream costly, run immediately to the market to buy purple onions to do this way!

Materials to prepare:

- 3 purple onions

- 3 teaspoons of pure honey

- Makeup remover cotton

Picture 1 of Beat all scars because of this magical bulb Photo 1 of Beat all scars because of this magical bulb


- Onions after being bought, peeled, then washed under running water.

- Thai onion into thin slices and put into a blender puree, pour into a bowl.

When slicing onions, take them out of sight or lest them sting.

- Add honey and stir, so about 5 minutes and then use the sieve to filter the residue, get the juice used.

Picture 2 of Beat all scars because of this magical bulb Photo 2 of Beat all scars because of this magical bulb

The water below is used to treat scars.


- After a clean shower with warm water and shower gel to remove dirt and enlarged pores, apply the mixture evenly on the scarred area and gently massage your fingertips to allow the mixture to penetrate deeply into the skin. cell.

- Keep massaging until the mixture is dry, apply a second layer and leave on the skin for about 15 minutes.

The keloid scars will never seem to cure, will be destroyed by the recipe from the purple onion.

- Finally rinse with cold water and apply a layer of moisturizer to the skin to finish the process.

- Apply this formula 2-3 times / week after 2 weeks you will see the scars fade and disappear completely.

Note when performing the treatment of dark scars with onions:

- The composition of red onions has a spicy, hot-tempered nature, so be careful not to leave the onion mixture on the skin for too long (it only takes 15-20 minutes to wash it), because it can cause irritation, redness for skin, even blistering, minor burns.

Picture 3 of Beat all scars because of this magical bulb Photo 3 of Beat all scars because of this magical bulb

- Treating scars with purple onions does not bring immediate effect but you must be persistent to perform regularly every week to be effective.

I wish you success and always be beautiful!

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