Bich Phuong or Huong Giang, no matter how thin, still retain the smooth, dreamy skin

Recently, both Miss Huong Giang and Bich Phuong have made netizens worried because of 'skinny' going to see. Even so, the two beautiful people still possess beautiful skin desirable.

Although still ecstatic, but Miss Huong Giang seems to be thinner and thinner, making fans worried.

This was not the first time she had noticed with her spindly legs and small biceps. When wearing tight-fitting clothes, she clearly showed her collarbone and her slender shoulders.

The latest images in the MV 'Swing Away' also made fans fascinated by Bich Phuong's slender physique after a long period of active weight loss.

However, in real life photos, 9X beauty still makes many worries because of her paper-thin body.

It can be said that everyone wants to lose weight to own a slimmer and more attractive body, but most of them are also concerned about the problem of sagging skin, no longer stretching the ball due to losing weight too quickly. However, the two stars above are probably the exception! No matter how thin, the skin of both Huong Giang and Bich Phuong is very smooth.

Huong Giang's skin at the age of 28 is radiant and flawless. A year after the coronation of Miss Transgender Miss International, Huong Giang increasingly scored by the elegant, feminine lines.

Thanks to hard-working skin care, Hau owns a pink, smooth, flawless skin.

If when making up carefully, Bich Phuong scored with sharp lines, when makeup lightly, the singer seemed to give up the 'charms' of fans with shiny, radiant skin.

The female's bare face scored absolutely even when she applied a little pink lipstick.

Besides Huong Giang and Bich Phuong, showbiz Viet also owns a series of female stars with beautiful skin despite the 'stork' body.

It is impossible not to mention the "female pearl" Tang Thanh Ha, she is the few female stars that are highly appreciated even when she does not apply makeup thoroughly. Despite owning a slim body, the mother of two children still owns a brightly lit face.

Known as a natural beauty, Ngo Thanh Van is not afraid to show off a strong, sharp bare face even though she also owns a pretty skinny physique.

Ho Ngoc Ha also received a rain of compliments with a youthful, fresh bare face even though her figure was always slim.

From the case of Vbiz beauties, how to maintain youthful, smooth skin even when losing weight is the concern of many girls. Here are a few tips to help your skin stay young and beautiful even during weight loss:

1. Proper diet

To maintain a beautiful and healthy skin, it is important to provide enough essential nutrients, increase absorption of vitamins and vegetables. In addition to limiting foods that contain oils and sugars, you need to add Vitamin C to prevent oxidation and help skin regain a natural shine.

Supplementing with Vitamin C in orange, papaya, strawberry, kiwi will help you have a smooth skin as desired.

2. Drink enough water

Drinking enough water will help you have youthful and smooth skin. Besides using cosmetic products on the outside, take care of the skin from the inside by drinking 2.5 liters of water daily. Because lack of water is not only harmful to health but also can cause skin to dry, age faster and more saggy than those who drink enough water.

Drink enough water - A simple beauty method that is incredibly effective.

3. Moisturizing

In addition to a paper mask that is a 'panacea' for moisturizing the skin, use moisturizer or body lotion every day to keep your skin healthy. Massaging your face after applying moisturizer will help you maintain the skin's elasticity, help blood vessels circulate and from there help the skin stay taut and healthy.

Always moisturize the skin to be able to confidently show off her tight skin!