Bright white, smooth with stone cold

stone cold not only soothe the body that also helps make the skin smooth, bright white sister., ice cold, skin smooth with stone cold, massage, se snugly pores ...

Ice cold Aloe

How to use the following: Aloe Vera juice Extractor and pour into ice trays and put into the refrigerator. After the Aloe freeze, please rub the areas far from sunburn. Harm of the skin will decrease significantly.

Ice cold green tea

Antioxidants in tea filter bags will massage method is very soothing to the eye. Brewing a tea bag in a cup of water and pour into ice trays and put into the refrigerator. Cold granite and natural nutrients in tea will make your eyes reduced swelling, relieve the Berry and a lot more subdued.

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Ice cold help the skin effectively.

Ice cold and the butter

Half cup butter pureed into the fridge for about an hour and then take the massage will help beautify substantial leather. You should do this 1 week 1-2 times.

Ice cold and fresh lemon

Take a fresh lemon, a teaspoon of ice cold, squeeze the lemon into a glass and then put the ice into the massage, from 1-3 minutes to the skin surface. Then rinse with warm water. Natural acid substances in the same degree of cold lemon ice water has the effect of making an account, help astringent snugly pores, reduce the nodules and itching.

Ice cold cucumber water, and commissions

For this mixture into a plastic cup to the icebox in the refrigerator, after this mixture has played the stones taken out of use by the cool ice down to the skin, relax for about 15-20 minutes. The type of this mask will provide essential nutrients for the skin to nourish cells, helps the skin naturally and especially it can "connect" with all skin types that you do not have to worry about anything.

Ice water

Many makeup experts suggest that you should start a new day by soaking in cold water. How to conduct simple, for about 5-6 small pots on the stone, wait for cold water and then face down the water as long as 10 seconds. Your facial skin will permanently light up after applying this method.=

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