'Cosmetics' from natural skincare for mom vote

when pregnant, hormonal changes cause the skin to become strongly stain human black, lifeless. Below are the types ' ' cosmetics from nature to help his mother elected as beautiful an. ..


Vitamins and natural chemicals in a lemon can help mom skin more toned, smooth vote, along with natural light as whiteness of skin missing women. In addition, drinking water from a lemon is also effective constipation is very good.


Not only rich in vitamin C helps build collagen for the skin, Tomatoes contain lycopene has the effect that helps the skin to minimize harmful agent from the Sun's rays. The tomato was considered the God of Medicine of beauty because contains vitamin C, E, K, B1, B6, B2, iron, carotene, potassium ... Using regular tomatoes to complement the body every day will help the parents elected to have your skin taut smooth, Pinky and prevent acne, dermatitis and asthma.

According to research by many experts, eating a certain amount of tomatoes each day helps smooth and luminous skin. Parents can also elect to use the fruit do the mask up 15 to 20 minutes every day is very good for the skin. By combining in the drink, in addition to applying, the parents voted have had the ideal method for skin care.


Cool cucumber peels work purifies the skin and helps the skin pores to snugly se always smooth, bright white. You just need to wash, do not peel the cucumber, each slice thin and really up all up around the eyes. After 13-15 minutes, then wash your face clean with warm water. The vote she can face mask cucumber 2 times/week.


Potatoes have very good skin whitening effect for her vote. You just wash the potatoes, cooked breadfruit, finely and then up a thin layer onto the surface. After 15 minutes wash your face clean with water. You will get your skin white and smooth.

Orange and citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as lemon, Tangerine, citrus contains more vitamin C, vitamin A and beta carotin, can protect skin for those who normally use the computer. Eat oranges, tangerines by squeezing retrieved, juice blender with the other fruit will help you have a smooth skin, moisture-rich, without being dry and lightening.

Results take non

Use the result take non combined with cucumbers make masks help smooth white skin. Prepare 1 fresh cucumber fruit, 1 result take non size cucumber. Wash cucumbers and chopped and then retire, take crushed shell and seeds, grilled to DAB from 2-3 times daily. After 30 minutes, then rinse face with cold water.


Strawberries contain very rich in vitamin C content. So, I elected to eat more strawberries will help the skin more beautiful and not severely dry skin, chappy will better adapt to the changing weather.

Some research also shows that the active ingredient in strawberry hand also has anticancer effects are very good, including skin cancer.

The beets

When DAB white radish juice on hand, they will form a skin bleaching and astringent, helps to remove blackheads, freckles and Melasma efficiently.

In addition, you can also use both beet leaves instead. One interesting thing is the radish leaves are also rich in nutrition. In addition to vitamin A, vitamin C concentrations in the leaves more than 4 times that tubers. Vitamin C can prevent skin aging, prevent the bruises lightening-obsession of her vote, and keep the skin was soft and white.

In particular, the fiber plant in rich radish leaves. The fiber of this plant can promote stomach activity, except for constipation, eradicate toxin, thereby improving the rough skin, acne wrapped ...

Bitter melon (melon)

You can make a mask melon (bitter) matching the tomatoes with chicken eggs as follows: prepare 1 melon, 1 fruit tomatoes, 1 chicken eggs. Tomato and melon seeds, remove the washed and crushed. Harmony with 1 chicken eggs (including whites and yolks) mashed to form the composite rating have sufficient density. Before bed, wash your face and then clean up the tomato mixture over the chicken-egg-up face as a mask. After 1 hour, then Peel and wash your face clean with warm water.

Sour milk

Use yogurt daily will help to your skin becomes more smooth and soft at the same time the freckles which also dimmed. Also, this is a food safety and benign so will not cause irritation to the skin and not abrasive as well as hurt the skin.


With ingredients rich in nutrients and vitamins needed, rustic fruits will definitely surprise you about the ability to deliver bright white skin is not inferior to the expensive cosmetics. You say half mashed ripe banana along 3 spoons yogurt cafe and then used as a mask within 20 minutes of each day.


In the papaya contains Vitamin E and C help slow the natural aging process of the skin, especially the papaya contains papain enzyme is help lighten the skin effectively. Here is the secret to beautiful skin she elected to do well that you should apply. Just mashed papaya and then mix well with honey. Then when the bath up DAB the skin about 15-20 minutes and shower with warm water. Perform 1 to 2 times in the evening.

Chicken eggs

Separate 1 egg yolk chicken in a bowl, then mix with 2 tablespoons honey. Use guest spoon are all to the egg and honey blend into each other. Up the mixture up sides, when up, you can use a cotton mask offset pieces can easily be purchased from salons cosmetics to keep sanitary. Wait until the mask dries, wash your face clean with water. You should only use the yolk and honey masks once a week.

Black Sesame

Women in pregnancy or birth, to the skin always smooth, pink, white, the surface is not lightening, childbirth easy: black sesame cooking 20-・a half, 3 tablespoons of honey in 100 ml water 50 ml. Divide the remaining 2 servings a day. 3 days/times.

Postpartum if clogged milk, lack of milk, many lizards striped belly skin, lower abdomen or pain, skin wrinkled hands, grasp hard due to the numbness of fingers: why 25-30gr black sesame, medium fire; mix ½ teaspoon of salt, mashed rice with brown rice to retire (the distinguished rice dragon blood); continuous 5-7 days. This article helps out numb, increase breast milk and smooth the skin.

Red Apple

Red Apple has lots of nutrients and was dubbed the "King of fruits". Not only prevent constipation for mother elected so effective that apples are also a very good aesthetic effect. Each day steadily eating an Apple will help parents elected to have pink and white skin shiny.

In addition to eating, parents elected can pureed intestine an Apple and mix with 2 spoons of fresh milk or vegetable oil to face masks help prevent acne and bring fresh, smooth young face.

If replaced components in milk mixture over with honey and face 2 times per week will have effects astringent snugly pores, while white pink.


Kiwi is a type of result with anti reduction high nutrient-rich as vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin D, natural fiber, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements and minerals. Vitamin C in the Kiwi has good effects in the cell regeneration of the skin and prevent wrinkles, decrease the aging process of the skin, prevent pigment harmful and helps white light.


Vitamin C in fruit very rich grapefruit, besides it also has a large variety of antioxidants. By grapefruit, both laxative, weight back just to help your skin become elected mother more beautiful. If the grapefruit that has not seen very effective, parents should elect to drink grapefruit juice will see results more clearly.


Cherry fruit rich in iron and can promote the hemoglobin regeneration within the body. So eat cherries are not the iron supplement for the body but also help remove the stain spots on the skin, made of white gourd mother rose, fresh. However, to note that parents elected should not eat too many cherries because of some substances in the fruit of cherry when combined with other substances in the body will cause chemical reactions that cause the parents probably poisoned.=

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