Despite being the leading beauty in beauty, these stars still inevitably show signs of aging

For showbiz beauties, it's very important to keep the beautiful image and beauty in the eyes of the public and fans. To do that, the prerequisite is to maintain skin youthful, smooth and flawless. But, it's not like I want to be able to, because the skin is no different from a good girl that needs to be cared for, pampered, just ignore it a bit, soon the wrinkles and puffiness will come. " ask "now. Perhaps also because of that, despite having the best beauty in showbiz, these beauties are also hard to avoid the signs of aging.

Vietnamese Showbiz

Despite being praised as the jewel of the Vietnamese movie village with the feminine beauty, sweet but not many times, Truong Giang's wife made the netizen fire because she revealed real photos with wrinkled skin with many wrinkles, especially the tail and puffiness. the eyes of beautiful people.

Nha Phuong is radiantly beautiful, which everyone knows, but her face always has a drawback even if the makeup class is cleverly unable to hide, it is quite wrinkled eyes and large puffiness. .

When smiling, the beauty revealed signs of skin aging that made her look much older than her 29-year-old. This is a typical manifestation of skin deficient in collagen and elastin under skin surface structure.

Being the same age as Nha Phuong, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc shares the same feelings of "aging". The proof is that in some frames, when smiling, the actress showed wrinkles on her face. Lan Ngoc laments "you're so old". It is the "very old girl" has to admit that she did not pay attention to skin care in a funny way: "You make me tired a lot, right? So I left you. I don't know you, I don't know. cherish me, it is my fault. Now it is impossible to want to. Youth, please do not leave me. "

Korean Showbiz

Kimchi country is a place with a mild climate, less harmful to the skin and a highly developed cosmetic industry, but even beautiful people are dubbed the "national beauty of Korea" as Song Hye Kyo or Kim Tae Hee also could not escape the curse of "aging".

Although she is often rated as having a much younger beauty and an ambassador for Korea's famous cosmetic company for many years, Song Hye Kyo still cannot hide the age marks on the mold. his face every time he smiles.

Like Song Hye Kyo, the Korean beauty idol Kim Tae Hee, though always praised for her sweet, fragile beauty, is not out of the natural law of time and age.

The crow's feet are the most obvious evidence of the age mark on the face of Mrs. Bi Rain.

Chinese Showbiz

Referring to the 2 hottest beauties in Chinese entertainment industry at the present time, it is definitely not possible to ignore 2 names Yang Mi and Angela Baby. Correctly "one daughter looks worn out eyes", both are the focus of media as well as the goddess in the eyes of fans. However, despite always trying to build a youthful image, "hack old", but in a lot of photos without editing, both show very visible signs of aging on the face.

In unedited photos, Yang Mi clearly shows signs of aging at the age of 33, she has many wrinkles on the corners of her eyes, the skin has begun to wrinkle.

Mrs. Huynh Xiaoming was only 30 years old, but her face also had wrinkles around her eyes and creases around her mouth when smiling.

It can be seen that time, age and aging will not exclude anyone if we do not know how to care, care and protect the skin properly. Therefore, if you want to keep the youth staying with us a little longer, in addition to using cosmetic products to nourish, protect and beautify the skin, do not forget to take care of your skin. Its fragile skin right from the inside in the following ways:

1. Drink lots of water every day

More than 70% of the human body is water, the body when dehydrated will lead to conditions such as dizziness, fainting, loss of blood pressure, and the skin when lacking water will be dry, rough.

So to have a plump, youthful skin, you should drink enough water each day. Average of 2 liters of water, guys.

2. Reasonable living

Each person's daily life has a great influence on the skin so to have a beautiful skin, you need to have a reasonable living regime by:

- Sleep on time, enough sleep

Sleep is important for everyone's health, and sleep also affects the skin a lot. Normally from about 23:00 pm until about 3:00 am, skin cells begin to perform metabolism, so we should sleep on time and sleep deeply so that cells 'work' best, helping you have a good healthy skin.

- Massage skin regularly

Besides the exercise regime, you should regularly massage the skin surface so that the skin can metabolize better, and help the skin relax softly.

3. Scientific diet

Supplementing vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for the skin with a scientific diet is also a very effective way to combat skin aging.

Foods rich in antioxidants have the ability to help the skin produce more collagen, increasing skin elasticity.

In addition, foods such as carrots, pumpkin, liver, broccoli or mango . contain lots of Vitamin A also can help prevent, destroy dark spots on the skin and slow down the skin aging. Increases blood flow to the skin to make it ruddy and healthy, reduces sebum secretion and reduces damage from excessive UV exposure.

4. Practice yoga

Yoga is one of the methods to help skin rejuvenate naturally without having to undergo cosmetic surgery. Yoga exercises may look simple but it will greatly assist in making the face smooth and reduce wrinkles because Yoga not only affects the epidermis, dermis, but also the dermis.

Regular yoga practice will increase blood circulation, provide more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. From there, helps to anti-aging for the skin, helps the practitioner have a healthy young skin and eliminate wrinkles.