Diet ruin your skin like?

Skin dryness

The skin should have the fatty acids (the body can not produce) essential to balance the humidity. If you do not replenish adequate amount of healthy fatty acids the body your skin loses moisture, no longer toned, from which the skin dryness. Dieting does not mean no fat. Healthy fats help your body absorb the nutrients and help you have a smooth, toned skin. Healthy fats are more in the nuts, butter, fat, fish and olive oil.

Bad architectural skin disorders

If you just diet, just drink some water then the danger level rises. It could lead to turmoil for serious skin structure. Nutrition deficiency affect bad direction to the process of the production of collagen. From there, the skin will be sagging, lack, especially the face and neck.

A diet rich in vegetables, drink enough water every day and mix in moderation will help you regain your skin refreshed.


The first manifestation of the inappropriate diet is acne. When applying the diet Acne "rally" then you need to remove sugary foods in the diet. Increased blood sugar will cause insulin levels to rise up and be harmful to the skin. The starch-rich foods also increases blood sugar and impact to the body like sugar.  The amount of high insulin causes the body to produce a type of hormones that cause acne. High blood insulin levels will also cause inflammation and affect the liver. When the liver is creating great pressure because of the road, it will filter the toxins do not properly, the body will be overwhelmed and response by skin pimples.

You need to do at this time is to cut the amount of sugar in the diet, supplements the many green vegetables and healthy fats is how to prevent acne.

Dark circles around the eyes

A harsh diet is the cause of adrenal work poorly, depletion and leads to bad dark circles around the eyes.

To fix this problem, you should eat foods low in sugar and starch sugar. You also should not drink too much coffee, what kind of food do increase the intensity of the digestive system processing of wheat and sugar.

Lifeless skin

Signs you need to change the diet if the skin becomes dull and lifeless. Eating too little fats cause your skin to not be fully provided the necessary nutrients. Fat helps keep moisture, maintains the firming to your skin and create favorable condition to foster health, of your skin.

To prevent this adverse impact, you should eat fresh foods instead of foods over processed. The food is over processed have little nutrients and body more difficult in the absorption of vitamins and minerals.


Wrinkles with the aging process, but in some, wrinkles appear because the body produces insufficient collagen. Collagen helps your skin toned, supple and prevent wrinkles appear. A diet of too much sugar not only do appear wrinkles but also makes your skin was blotchy.=