Eating wrong anyone caught causing rapid aging

(MissNews)-there are many improper eating habits cause aging fast that unsuspecting sister., aging, fat, diet, obesity, anti aging ...

Improper diet

Photo : Eating wrong anyone caught causing rapid aging

Eating wrong anyone caught causing rapid aging Improper diet will cause dry skin and itchiness.

Step through the age of 30, the axial system the brain-pituitary-ovarian activity decline, the lack of the endocrine also makes women easier to gain weight, obesity. To remedy this situation many have laid out a strict diet, even kind of really fat off the daily menu. But, lacking the necessary fat, the skin will become dry and itchy.

The lack of fresh fruits and vegetables
You should have a reasonable diet, limiting sugar, oil ... instead of eating more vegetables and fruits. The vegetables and fruits are very good for health especially your skin, help you get healthy and smooth skin, anti aging very well.
Eating too much red meat and fatty dairy products

According to the Huffington Post, the study of Brigham on the eating habits of women over age 65 6200 close shows have saturated fat in red meat and dairy products high in fat, making the old brain more quickly than other foods. You can slow the aging process by olive oil, butter and fat is monounsaturated.

The food contains more spices

The spices may be good for the digestive system but for the skin is not. The food contains many spices can cause the phenomena causing itchy skin irritation, skin pigmentation changes and cause skin redness. Toxic substances in spices cause skin aging quickly and gradually becomes damaged, the loss of vitality.

So please tune in and gradually set up a meagre diet, gently, many green vegetables, fresh food, stay away from stimulant ... to help your skin more healthy and limit the premature aging skin condition.