Effective weight loss recipes with bitter

bitter or suffering through not only the computer, detoxify the body, but also helps weight loss., bitter, bitter, with weight loss recipes by luffa aegyptiaca ...

Bitter taste very bitter, but the fruit bitter contained almost all the nutrients needed for people such as phosphorus, manganese, zinc and magnesium. It is also considered one the most abundant foods contain thiamine, riboflavin and foliate. In addition, bitter also contain many vitamins B1, B2, B3, vitamin C and is a rich source of calcium, iron and beta-carotene.

1. bitter juice weight loss  

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Bitter great recipe help you lose weight faster.

The juice of bitter is the great drink help you lose weight faster.

Bitter washed, using a blender, puree the mixture filter to remove and take water bitter to drink. Add a water filter to suit your taste. You can add lemon juice or Apple juice to reduce the bitterness of this country. Every day drink half a cup or 1 Cup would be the way to lose weight, beauty for you girl.   2. bitter Tea  Cut into thin pieces bitter 1-2 mm, for drying the Pan up, go back to the island is dry water. Take dry finishing move into Brown, let it cool then sealed box, stored in the freezer compartment, can to be 2 months. When to drink take out hot water to mix tea as normal, everyday drinking 3-4 cups to get the best weight loss effect.  

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Bitter loss help

3. Bitter mix rub the cotton  This is the dish is also extremely attractive. You wash the bitter, removes the intestines, thinly, and then bring chilled. When the Fed taking a little rub the cotton mix into a delicious eaten.

4. Eat life bitter  Eat bitter to lose weight then eating to live is best, you wash it and eat like the fruits will give higher weight efficiency.

5. bitter Water and honey

Suffering through the wash, remove seeds, cut the yarn for your grilled. If the gauge through the dry add water filter for proper. For the water melon out cups, add honey is could drink immediately.

Note When using the bitter loss

The conception abstinence bitter days when pregnancy is derived from the ancient time. Much of the current research results have confirmed the status of miscarriage can happen if pregnant women eat more bitter. Vegetables contain some of the same ingredients as the drug causes miscarriage and medications.

People with liver and kidney disease should avoid eating bitter because they are difficult to digest, can cause flatulence. People who suffer from lack of G6PD yeast (the type of men have an important role in the metabolism of red blood cells) should also avoid vegetables taste bitter.

This is also one of the negative influences that bitter can cause. The common symptoms of this disease include lethargy, abdominal pain, headache and fever. Hemolysis anemia is the result of the shortage of blood due to the enzymes do not work as usual. When you consume too many bitter.

When you consume too much bitter, the amount of toxins in vegetables will impact the function of the enzyme, harmful to health.=

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