Every Vietnamese star has an intestine item that looks sexy and seductive

Women always need 'suitable' clothes to hide imperfections and enhance their skin and physique. Vietnamese beauties are no exception. Despite owning a perfect body, with diverse diverse styles, celebrities still favor certain types of costumes and do not hesitate to go back and forth many times.

Even, there are stars too 'dull' but do not regret shopping in batches to spend wearing gradually.

1. Ngoc Trinh - Bra cup

Known as the 'queen of lingerie', Ngoc Trinh is passionate about bra bra. This sexy dress not only suits her sexy style, but also helps to maximize her breasts. From cocktail dresses to street fashions, the chest cup item is always a favorite choice for beautiful people.

With a firm first-round advantage, Ngoc Trinh dressed in the bra has cleverly pressed the double breasts, 'burning' the eyes of many people. She often applies the formula of bra cup and high-back jeans to show off her body curves with full chest, slim waist, and round 3 blooms. This is also the secret of dynamic coordination for sexy girls reference.

2. Le Quyen - Croptop hug

Possessing a desirable body shape even though she is about to reach the age of hash, Le Quyen confidently wears a tight croptop shirt to show off her small round and slim waist. She has a whole collection of croptop shirts of the same color to go everywhere.

Le Quyen dressed in a croptop shirt with jeans made the twentieth girl also jealous because the standard body did not need adjusting. When wearing a flamboyant skirt, Le Quyen with a variety of colors, when wearing a streetstyle and croptop, she only had 1 set of "beaten" clothes including a multicolored croptop shirt with skirt or jeans.

3. H'Hen Nie - Floating color clothing

Unlike many beauties, the Hau 'chameleon' of Vietnamese entertainment industry does not particularly favor any type of outfit. However, H'Hen Nie has consistent color gout, which is intense love with floating colors. The fact has proved, no color can make it difficult for Ede beauties, from green bananas to luminous colors.

Dressing up in floating colors, H'Hen Ni often choose costumes with simple designs to balance the overall set. The brighter the color of the clothes, the more minimalist the design will help her still be beautiful without causing "eye strain". Floating color is not only a brand but also helps Hau to capture spotlight in every frame.

4. Thanh Hằng - Jeans

Thanh Hang owns the most expensive legs of Vietnamese model village. Therefore, when wearing jeans, she not only shows her long straight legs but also helps this basic type of pants look trendy.

Jeans with T-shirts, croptop shirts are a simple formula, but help Thanh Hang never be old-fashioned and spoiled for age. Compared with flared pants, baggy pants, the tapered or skinny pants help Thanh Hang show her slim and slender legs.

5. Minh Trieu - Button-down button

Possessing a sexy blue collarbone and a slim neck, Minh Trieu wears a button to bring both sexy and luxurious images. "Rumors of Ky Duyen" is very fond of this outfit and has many different shirt cabinets.

The way the clothes are semi-closed, open and private, they just let go of Minh Trieu's 'eye-catching'. She often "befriend" with a silk shirt, soft material to help her skinny body look fuller and full of life.