Extremely hot hair models for long and broken face types

Usually, those who own a long and broken face type, the cheeks are also prone to the overall look will not be elegant and lifeless. However, those who own long and broken faces do not be too self-conscious and worry because the article below will suggest you the hairstyles born to be used to overcome this defect.

1. C-shaped bob hair

Bob hair is a "national hairstyle" because it can fit and fit all ages and face designs. If you have a long and broken face, you should choose the length of bob hairstyle is through the jawbone a bit so that when C-curly curly hair will not be too short.

The reason this hairstyle can overcome the long-term face's shortcomings is because it both holds your jaw and has C-shaped curls that make your face more balanced, tidy and more elegant. In particular, C-shaped bob hair helps you hack to a few years old because of its youthful fashion.

With this short bob hairstyle, you should not combine with flat or thin roof because it will accidentally block your face as it will reveal the break point of your face.

2. Curly curls combine with rain

If you have a long, broken face and haven't tried Korean-style curls once, it's a serious deficiency. Hair before being naturally curled will be trimmed in a leaf style and will then be curled in curls.

This style of curls will be more suitable for people with long hair because beautiful big curls will shorten the hair length very quickly. Unlike short bob hair, letting the rain in this curly hairstyle is a very important factor.

If with bob hair it accidentally blocks the face, in curly curls it will work to lengthen your face. If the curls are responsible for filling as well as covering the broken points of the face, the rain roof will help you look sweeter and fresher.

3. Hime hair

Recently, hime hair is extremely hot and has been actively driven by Korean stars. This hairstyle is inspired by Japanese manga characters. This hairstyle is very special with 2 distinct short length long hair.

The short upper part is cut short like a bob head, while the lower floor you can trim the tail, C is possible. The short layer will hold your face neatly to reduce the length and also cover the unpleasant break point. The long floor will help your appearance both cute and extremely stylish and trendy. This hairstyle you can mix with flat or no bangs.

4. Hair sinusoidal wave deviation

The hair is created at the wrong position will help create a visual effect to make the face look slimmer and more delicate and more balanced to some parts. The curls will significantly hide the high cheekbones and fill her face more.