Fat man in the world has died trying to lose weight

Keith Martin, 44, lives in London has died after a long battle with his weight. The man weighed more than 440 kg has undergone surgical removal of ¾ of his stomach. The doctor tried to weight loss surgery to save his life. However, the unfortunate thing is that Martin has pneumonia.

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Before his death, in March, Martin was unemployed and he admitted that gaining weight is because he had eaten a large amount of cheap fast food.

He was cramming on 20000 calories per day – 10 times compared to the calories needed-including 6 decorative eggs for breakfast, then the pizza, barbecue, Chinese dishes for lunch and dinner, plus 6 coffee cans and 2 liter carbonated beverages. In addition, he also snacks with bread , chocolate, chips, candy and cookies.

Keith's sister, Ms. Tina Martin said: "we are still very grief and will miss him so much ..."

After being trapped in their homes for 10 years and bedridden due to oversized dimensions in several years, Keith Martin has reduced more than 150 kg, qualify for the surgery after switching to diet of 2,000 calories per day. But just a week after finishing the procedure, he escaped the hospital against doctor's orders. To October 2013, he returned to the hospital because of shock the infection and dehydration. Two weeks later, he caught pneumonia.

Martin spent four months in hospital before being taken home in February 2014. At that, his weight had dropped to near 250 kg. But just a month later, he died.=