Foul mouth cures take root with fennel

Causes bad breath

When the food in the mouth or between the interdental, being bacteria fertilizer, will create odors.

Infection in the gums.

Fennel is a good herb for health.

Cavities are holes for shelter, bacteria proliferate;

I mean lime close to the foot of the teeth is a good environment for the bacteria to work on and take to the foul mouth.

Inflamed tongue is where food debris easy stick back and a good environment for protein decomposition bacteria create odors.

Dry mouth when saliva falling on 50% of the normal level. Saliva has the task of keeping the mouth moist, which helps to digest food, reducing the change of acid in the mouth and Digest starch. When calculating the higher mouth acid bacteria proliferate even more.

Treat bad breath with dill

Dill is a herb used very popular in cooking. You can completely use this spice plants to remove unpleasant breath. Grab a spoon and slowly chewed. Then there's the antibacterial properties can stop smelling breath.

Now chewing the seeds mixed with the seeds of the other flavors such as clove and cardamom after eating the food smells can also be of great help in controlling the unpleasant breath.=