Get a beautiful wife for all ink like this, why Tran Thanh increasingly young

Referring to one of the young couples of the Vietnamese entertainment industry, Tran Thanh - Hari Won is definitely a name not to be missed. After 3 years in the same house, the couple still makes the fans jealous and admire the sweet affection for both of them. Not only that, the moments of pairing at the red carpet events or the photos of the young couple launched "all the waves" on social networks because of their unrivaled talent.

As a public figure, Hari Won and Tran Thanh always bring the most caring and impressive image to the public. From good clothes, accessories, to even makeup layout or hairstyles, the investment is calculated accordingly.

However, compared to Hari Won who is always beautiful regardless of the circumstances, in the photos of ordinary life, Tran Thanh repeatedly shows signs of age on his face. Even the smooth, bright skin of a male artist is not always perfect in real life.

Lacking editing software, Tran Thanh's face clearly revealed defects such as deep dragon groove, wrinkled corners of the eyes, large puffiness in the selfie image.

If Hari Won has bare face without makeup, she still has a youthful and fresh look, Tran Thanh looks a little less pale.

Although 2 years younger than his wife, Tran Thanh is still difficult to regain youthfulness compared to Hari Won.

In a recent selfie, the male MC made many people worried about his poor appearance. Speckled acne spots, dull skin, lethargic eyes and bulging eye areas contribute to the decline in Tran Thanh's male form.

However, it can be said that for an artist with a busy schedule like Tran Thanh, the skin has acne problems, less smooth as well as the face falls into a state of lethargy and lack of vitality. Not too confusing. Because besides the reason of lack of sleep, regular contact with makeup also contributes to the appearance of Tran Thanh "falling".

Understanding the pressure of famous people, Tran Thanh therefore takes good care of his health and beauty. In particular, besides his "forever young" wife, the male idol Vbiz can not neglect in beauty to always look young and match Hari Won. Perhaps that is why after a busy working day, Tran Thanh still spends time to go to the spa as well as skin care at home to improve the appearance.

Recently, Tran Thanh posted on his personal page the image of enjoying the beauty time with colleagues. After many days of neglecting beauty, Tran Thanh started by covering the mask of natural mineral mud. This is an effective beauty to help male MC restore skin quickly.

Previously, Tran Thanh also shared the beauty moments at home by making paper masks. Although there is no need for elaborate skincare like Hari Won, the addition of moisture as well as the necessary nutrients to the skin through the use of paper masks will also contribute to significantly improve the skin condition.

When he has more free time, his husband Hari Won also goes to the spa to perform appropriate beauty treatments to improve the skin condition. Therefore, although sometimes "short of breath", Tran Thanh still retains his level of admiration.

It can be said that, not only women but men like it or not, when they turn 30 years old, almost everyone will more or less face aging, especially dry skin, many defects. . However, if you take the time to look after your face with these simple tips, any gentleman will quickly regain your youthful and radiant beauty.

1. Clean and moisturize thoroughly

Not as sophisticated as the skin care process of women, men only need to focus on cleaning and moisturizing the skin to be enough for you to maintain a handsome appearance. Accordingly, after a long day of working and returning home, do not forget to wash your face thoroughly with makeup remover, facial cleanser to remove dirt sticking on each pore. In addition, if you have time, take extra care by applying a paper mask to moisturize, making the skin look lighter and smoother.

2. Get enough sleep

Sleep plays a very important role in deciding mental health as well as in men. Staying up late or not getting enough sleep will make you experience acne, dark circles, making your face look pale and lifeless.

3. Drink lots of water

Finally, drinking enough water is also the secret to possessing the beauty full of vitality that anyone needs to grasp. In particular, for men, it is necessary to change the habit of using a lot of alcohol, caffeine instead of water or juice to limit the condition of the affected skin.