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In order for this diet to be optimal, you must meet all the requirements that low carb offers. One of those requirements is to avoid certain foods. Having such a low carb diet is really effective. So what food should we avoid? App cherry blossoms

Bread and cereals

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Bread and cereal are very popular foods, even expressing the culture of some countries around the world. However, these two foods are a great source of carbs. So you need to limit these two foods to your daily diet when losing weight.


Fruits and vegetables are strongly recommended for their ability to reduce many diseases. However, there are some fruits that contain lots of carbs that you are working on in this diet, so skip it. These fruits include: mangoes, bananas, raisins, high-sweet berries. Nutritionists recommend that you only use ½ cup of ground fruit every day to provide nutrients for your body, limiting the amount of carbs loaded into your body.

Vegetables with starch

Most diets recommend eating a lot of non-starchy vegetables. Vegetables such as corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sugar beets contain a lot of starch in their ingredients. Therefore, you should limit the use of these foods.

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is a food that can be used at a moderate level in low carb diets, but beer is the opposite. Beer contains a lot of carb including strong beer or light beer. Studies have shown that using beer does not only reduce body weight but also tend to gain more weight.

Sweet yogurt

The type of yogurt suitable for this diet is yogurt that separates sugar, is less sweet and has no taste. Fruit-sweet, sweet yogurt often contains sugar ingredients that slow down your weight loss process.


Although it is a nutritious drink, fruit juice is rich in carbs, making blood sugar rise rapidly. In addition, fruit juice increases hunger, makes you feel hungry and eat more.

Sauce for salad

The sauce used to mix salads is also a good source of carbs for the body, especially for salads that require a lot of sauce. So nutritionists recommend using salads with fatty creams, not sugar, rather than using sauces.


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Beans provide many health benefits, including reducing inflammation and the risk of heart disease. Although it contains a lot of fiber, beans are still foods that contain a large amount of carbs.

Honey and sugar

These 2 very popular ingredients should be limited from your recipes and drinks. Honey and sugar taste sweet, so contain lots of carbs that make the weight loss process unbalanced.

Starting low carb is a very important process that you need to pay special attention to. Pay close attention to the products that your body loads, avoiding these foods to make weight loss more effective.

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