Hot brown hair - hot trend worth trying the best this summer

The most beautiful young brown smoke hair color in 2019 makes the beauty of women fascinated, you should boldly try it!

That's why brown hair is hunted by many believers. With this color you can confidently coordinate as well as make-up suitable to exude a fresh and gentle look. Let's take a look at the hair colors and hairstyles that suit you when you dye the brown hair below!

Dark brown hair

Deep brown brown hair makes you white and easier to color. Especially when dyeing is quite simple, you do not need to perform many cumbersome processes and bleach hair. In addition, this deep brown hairstyle does not pick up facial skin as well as you can easily coordinate when going to the city to work or study.

Light brown hair

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Light brown hair is very suitable for many types of hair such as curling, bending . The blending when adjusting the color light up gives a hair color that many young people love and become a beautiful hair trend in 2019 Not only do you have light brown hair, you will become disoriented and youthful. So this hairstyle is very suitable for the charming girl and personality.

Highlight brown hair

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In addition to the smoky brown color you can break your hair style with outstanding Highlight colors. You will become much younger and younger. Not only long hair, but even short hair you can choose chestnut brown to dye because this color is suitable for all hairstyles. Along with that, this hairstyle is very suitable for many skin colors as well as face, just make up lightly and can be confident to go down the street, attend a party or work.

Gray-brown hair

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Gray smoky hair helps to increase elegance and easily combine with hairstyles. This is a dark tone so you don't have to worry about the damage of your hair when choosing bright hair color.

With a fairly simple procedure, it doesn't cause much damage to your hair so this is the type of hair color you should choose. Whether it is long or short hair to gray smoke brown you will become stylish personality, this is also the reason this color hairstyle is always in the top hot trends in 2019.

Blonde brown hair

Brown-brown hair is a gentle color suitable for those who love the novelty. Depending on the skin as well as the face, you should consider using the color of golden brown smoke.

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This hair color is very suitable for many different hairstyles so please be quick to own the hair color dyed hot trends, surely you will become outstanding to attract.

The hair is brown and mossy

This is a very Western hair color that can turn ordinary girls into gentle hotgirl making everyone admiring. If you are looking for a hair color to molt, mossy brown hair will make a difference and appeal.

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This is the most easily dyed hair color without causing much damage to the hair and is almost suitable in all hairdressing situations. In addition, you can create a variety of hairstyles that match your hair color. With this hair color you just need to gently dress up fashion to be confident in the street, go to school or go to work.

Beautiful hairstyles dyed brown and smoky

Long hair curling curls

The long curls curled wavy bobbing with brown smoke will help you attract the mantras. With this type, you will become more gentle with the embellishment of the color of brown-colored hair, though not sunny, but you are also dazzling and burning all eyes.

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Short Hair

With hot weather, short hairstyles will be the ideal choice for girls. You can choose many short hairstyles suitable for your face such as short curls, curly, wavy curls . to express femininity and youthfulness. In particular, this hairstyle is paired with a smoky brown hair color that will help you become the center of attention. This hair color is suitable for all short hair styles as well as their skin.

Curly curly hair

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Curling hair style helps you become more volatile and attractive. You can choose from many types of shortwave curls, long waves, large curls or small curls that match the face. Combining with the smoky hottrends, the hottrends help you keep up with the trend and become more confident.

Straight hair

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Straight hair but simple but still many star models promoted with strange attraction. Between the simple straight hair but always strong attraction. Amidst the stylish hairstyles, natural straight hair always has its own place. 'You' don't need to be ostentatious but still make people fall in love.


Hair color brightens the skin effectively

Smoke brown hair quickly became hot hair color that many young people hunted in recent years. Not too dark and not the color of this hair brings a gentle, delicate appearance.

In particular, the smoke-brown hair is not summer cocoon at all, whether you have pink or white skin, when you own this hair color, will be attractive to attract all eyes. Moreover, brown-brown hair is suitable for Asian skin and becomes a powerful assistant to help the face bright and youthful.

Easy to combine with many hairstyles

Smoke brown hair is an eye-catching dye that accentuates the hair. This hair color is easy to combine with many hairstyles that bring sexy charms to girls.

Bring a youthful appearance

Just changing the color of your hair also molts with a more youthful appearance with smoky brown hair. In addition, the smoother brown hair dye is much easier to calculate than the mossy color because the neutral neutral color does not have to go through the hair bleaching process. Surely you will be young and stand out with this super hot hair color.

Easily combined with costumes

As a perfect combination of light and deep brown, the color of smoky brown hair is a work of art. Impressive fancy colors help you combine with many costumes to confidently express your personality. Whether it is a dumpling cake or a personality, smoky brown helps you stand out from the crowd. There are so many outstanding advantages, why are you hesitant to experience this hair color?


To take care of and maintain color, you need to save the following tips to keep your hair healthy and smooth:

Do not wash your hair immediately after dyeing

Shampooing right after dyeing is a disastrous mistake for many girlfriends. No matter how good the hair dye is, it takes time to color. Sincere advice after dyeing your hair is at least 2-3 days before you should wash your hair. Be sure to choose a mild shampoo that is less detergent to avoid damage and keep your hair durable.

Hair care routine

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Regular hair care will help you own the hair becomes smooth and not damaged by chemical effects. If you do not have a lot of conditions for regular steaming, you should use essential oils, creams, hair balm to be smooth and smooth.

Limit exposure to sunlight

The harmful effects of sunlight are very harmful not only for the skin but also for the hair. UV rays will cause your hair to dry out or cause hair color to fade or even burn hair. So when you go out you need to shield your hair to avoid the impact of sunlight.

Limit high temperature hair drying

Under high temperatures, the hair becomes dry and weaker fibers will gradually break. So if you can let your hair dry naturally, it is best and your hair color will be durable.

Hopefully these advice will help you choose the brown hair color that suits your hairstyle as well as show each girl's personality. Good luck!

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