How do stretch the facial skin does not need spa

Use logical lotion

Should not regularly wash your face with SOAP alkaline because they are easy to do for dry skin

Should not regularly wash your face with SOAP alkaline because they are easy to do for dry skin.

Use a lotion with a moderate, at right is effective, if not will clog the sweat glands, very detrimental.

Don't get in the mood to be streets

People are melancholy, easy to damage the liver, blood and gas attendants do lose those cells normal nutrition, skin surface wear and contracts that generated the wrinkles.

So wash your face with cold water

Cold water makes the skin after contraction will hatch out, increase the blood circulation

Cold water makes the skin after contraction will hatch out, increases blood circulation, improvement of metabolism, from which further increases the elasticity and skin functions.

Should eat less salt and drink more water

If the body absorbs large amounts of salt will make mechanical body premature aging, skin wrinkled face. Drinking more can accelerate blood circulation, increase the nutrition of the skin on my face, and so reduce the wrinkles.

Logical need nutrition

Day 3 meals steadily fishy substance, essence essential crude, ensuring nutrient absorption, so may be weak against wrinkles, increase youthful vigor section.

Face with the food here

Ripe bananas

Substances secreted from skin cells make ripe bananas in the face swells, so do the mask by ripe bananas, then wash your face with ripe tomatoes will help to stretch the facial skin and freshness. The thing to note is that after washing the face with tomatoes for about 5 minutes, you have to wipe the face with warm water or perfume, absolutely not washed with SOAP.

Chicken egg white

Up egg white you will see very good

Chicken egg white should be struck as snowflakes. Using cucumber juice (squeezed from the cucumber) mixed with chicken egg white and a little bit of rose water, and lather the mixture to the face as long as 20 minutes, then wash your face with warm water and a little rose water massage, you will feel very good.


To get your skin smooth, stretch you squeezed juice of 2 lemon, mixed with 1 tablespoon honey big fan for warm warm. Please apply the compound to the surface in the evening, for about 20 minutes, then wipe the surface clean with mineral water or rose water.


Peel the carrot puree, remove the milk jugs stuffed into 1 for real. Use this mixture to rub my face up for all, then rinse with cold water. This acne treatment for the new big girl is very effective. This case, like the impact on yogurt quality antibiotics kill bacteria causing acne, without making your skin dryness. Also A Smoothie in the own carrots have the effect to heal scars due to Acne causes.

The mask made of skin from the potatoes cleaning

The potato is not only very familiar foods, always available in the kitchen of every home but also the raw material for the mask type skin very effectively.

To skin the potatoes, you just cut the potatoes into thin slices and up over the entire face, or you can rub the potato pieces evenly onto the skin. You will have the feeling of sticking potato powder that are all over the face, made of leather and stretch quickly. After the wash, please apply a little rose water to make se closed pores.=


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