How to make pores simple and effective

An effective way to tighten pores on your face is easy to apply which girls are experiencing this situation.

Real pores cannot narrow or expand, the skin tightens pores completely by the elasticity of the skin, the impact of vascular follicles located beneath your skin.

Use vitamin A topical form

Vitamin A has the ability to make your skin more beautiful and brighter with the hair follicles that can get too much dirt. The use of vitamin A also works on both sides of beauty so it is too suitable to support the skin of women themselves.


The fact that the follicle follicles seem to be larger and tend to turn into blackheads because dirt accumulates on the follicle oil as well as excessive secretion of lubricants.

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In fact, the secretion of oil is a good treatment and don't worry about it because only the oil can help our skin moisten, smooth without worrying about peeling. But if the skin is too dry, the lubricant is more and more intense leading to too much and it is something to worry about.

So, to use moisturizer cream, gel, oil free to moisturize to help skin have a certain moisture and no more oil secretions make the skin pour oil anymore.


Do you admit that for white people, you always feel their pores smaller and smaller.

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In fact, it is because white skin deceives our eyes, so we can nourish the skin to make our skin look better and less worry about hair follicles.

Cold towels help tighten pores effectively

Take a small, thin towel, which is specifically for covering the face to the refrigerator. After washing your face, apply a tissue to your face for 2-3 minutes. This way is very effective in helping you to shrink pores because cold water will cause pores to shrink.

Cold stones shrink pores

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First you have to clean your face. Then use cold ice, apply it around your face until the stone is completely dissolved and rinse with water. The use of cold ice can help you reduce the pores due to heat, also help the skin more clean.

Tighten pores with tomato juice

Tomatoes contain a lot of good substances for the body not to eat directly, but also have a beauty effect for fresh natural tomato ingredients to help shrink pores and smooth out.


Smooth tomatoes, smooth or apply tomatoes like a mask. After about 15-20 minutes, rinse with water. After each application of tomato juice, you will see that your skin is smoother and your pores shrink.

Tighten the pores with egg white

Chicken eggs always rank in beauty ranks, egg yolks and egg whites when separated are still good for its skin care role. Egg whites are one of the foods that help to lift the skin effectively and safely and tighten pores.


You separate the egg whites, whisk a chicken egg white and add a little lemon juice to brighten and antibacterial, then apply this solution on your face, wait dry and rinse your face with water.

Beer helps to tighten pores. Beer has lactic acid and many vitamins that are good for skin. You only need to use the opened beer for about 1 hour, then use makeup remover to soak the beer and apply it to your face for about 10 minutes then rinse with water.

Using beer helps you both overcome the big pores and help you to have bright and smooth skin.

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