If you still don't know what kind of hairstyle to leave, try referencing the following 6 basic short hair styles

1. Bad hair

This is the hairstyle that the sister society first thought about when it wanted to free long hot hair. Her short hair brings out her personality, quality and not less sweetness for girls.

2. Hair bob

"Short haircut for cool" is the thought of many girls every summer. From a long time the "cake" has always taken the hot weather of the summer as an excuse to say goodbye to the "tangle" of long hair but beautiful but noisy. And bob hair is the candidate that the sister society first thought of when it came to liberating its head.

Bob's hair exudes personality, modernity and especially looks more fashionable than long-haired.

It's hot in the summer, so whoever cuts off his bangs and cuts his forehead is easy to get acne? This sentence must have sounded a lot, but those who say that must not know about their bangs.

In addition to bangs, small curls on the face also make the bob hair look more fashionable.

3. Super short hair

It must be acknowledged that not all girls have the courage to cut their long hair to vote with this "boy hairstyle" because it comes with too many risks: feeling empty when touching my head only sees curls, feeling like I don't have any femininity, then styling is also a problem, etc.

Super short hair is very sexy and breaking. You can gently curl super-short hair in just minutes.

4. Short curly hair

If you pursue retro, classic style, this is the hairstyle born for you. This hairstyle can be suitable for all shapes of the face and also offers a feminine, elegant look.

5. Short hair hugging the face

Short hair that hugs the face is both classic and modern, making any girl become very attractive and interesting.

The hair curls high on the chin to make the girls look more beautiful and youthful.

With this hairstyle, whether she is beautiful or not, she looks beautiful.

6. Hair lob

The long-haired lob hair to the collarbone is also the hottest "hot" hair every summer. Not too short and not too long, the half-length of lob hair is the perfect answer for girls who want to try short hair but are not ready to cut their hair too short.

Long-haired lobs reach the collarbone for girls who want to try short hair but are not ready to cut their hair too short.


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