Learn the Swift use night cream for the day to have beautiful skin

Each time appear where, country music princesses Taylor Swift always attracts the attention of everyone, not only the talent but also in style beauty way impressed. From makeup to hair, gu in Taylor Swift were having seem feminine, gentle leads fans to relentlessly: "eyes, her lips made my heart melt".

Learn the Swift use night cream for the day to have beautiful skin.

Here's the very simple way so that you should have in your beauty Handbook.

Use night cream for the day

Taylor Swift ever share she is a fan of ice cream last night. She used it for a day, before every step of makeup.

Cream night cream on other structures. Usually the night cream contains a lot of nutrients to renovate the skin. So you can use them for the day if not worry nourishing excess skin condition.

How to keep lipstick cling longer than

Pumpkin quyêt DAB DAB that you drift long lipstick with a layer of red lipstick before, use the paper feed put up the lips to take son admit. Then, you chalk-covered covered lips. Then continue to DAB up red lipstick, used paper slowed and then a layer of lipstick. When just enough thickness to feel you DAB son up for the last time.

The secret to weight loss 

Taylor has a slender body. Her secret is to eat a breakfast rich in nutrition and energy. The breakfast provides energy for the whole day activities, to help you better. The following breakfast she ate more gentle with plenty of green vegetables and vitamins. Taylor also never sugary food.

Drink water

Taylor drinking more water to your friends call her "Monster drink water". However it is the secret behind the silky moist skin that natural of Taylor.=


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