Lemon, lemongrass, and ginger can make your skin look as beautiful as it is

In addition to going to the spa for skincare, using various types of skincare products, there is an extremely effective way to beautify the skin, which is to use a sauna with ginger - lemongrass - lemon. Facial acne treatment is one of the effective cleansing and smoothing of the skin, under the heat effect makes the capillaries more powerful, the pores on the face automatically open, and old cells The sliver will flake faster. Steam helps to remove the dirt, toxins hidden beneath the skin, and will stimulate collagen formation to help the skin become beautiful and smooth.

This is the beauty option of many women who want to preserve and maintain a clean and shiny skin. Sauna is also very simple, you can make at home every week without spending money to buy expensive cosmetics.

To do so, simply follow the steps below.

Materials needed:

- 5 lemongrass bulbs

- 1 fresh lemon

- 1 branch of fresh ginger

- 300ml of filtered water

- 1 vitamin E tablet (you can buy it easily at pharmacies nationwide for only a few thousand VND).

Process materials

- After buying lemongrass, you go to wash under cold water, sprinkle and then use a knife to smash a certain part, cut into 3 equal parts.

- Add lemon in half and then squeeze the juice into the bowl, cut the skin into small pieces or you can add areca zone, sliced ​​thin also.

- Ginger brings clean mud, scraping off the outer shell, beating slightly and slicing.


- You add water and then for the lemongrass, ginger has been prepared into the pot, you base the amount of water just right, not too much, just ginseng is okay.

- Turn on the stove to boil, then add lemon juice and fresh lemon zest to the same, add another 3-5 seconds, then turn off the heat.


- Wash your face with facial cleanser and warm water to remove dirt, and let hair follicles expand.

- Leave the pot of ginger - lemongrass - lemon juice on the ground then sit close, cover the towel with the towel and top of the pot, slowly open the lid to help the hot steam from the saucepan spread evenly across the face. Note that the distance from the face to the sauna is narrowed as the water cools, do not put the face too close at first to avoid burning the skin.

- When conducting a steam, you use the fingertips to gently massage the skin for 3 to 5 minutes, this helps the pores are enlarged and blood vessels circulate better.

- You should continue steaming until the steam has cooled, remove, use a dry towel to soak the skin and let the skin rest for about 1 minute.

- Apply the solution of vitamin E capsule inside to spread over the face, lying down for 10 minutes. Then use a cleanser to clean the vitamin E layer on the skin and apply rose water to finish the skin care process.

Apply this formula 2 times / week you will see white skin, radiant, acne and so on fade away and disappear.