Looking at these pictures, you can see how important it is to dye your hair

Choose hair color suitable for tan skin, white skin, yellow skin & know how to dye your hair according to age, skin tone, suitable for the longest, round, square face 2018.

To dye the hair you think first is to choose the right color. There are many criteria for you to choose the appropriate dye colors such as skin color, age, face . Combining the above things, you will have dyed hair color to help you be younger and more luxurious.

For each level of transition, in addition to buying for yourself new clothes or skin care items with the weather, you can also F5 look for yourself with new hair or new dye. However, choosing the right hair for your face is not enough, your beauty will be upgraded if you choose a hair color that helps brighten your skin tone.

Look at the examples below:

The light-colored idea will brighten the skin, but with Asian-like golden skin like this girl, the red-haired chestnut brown hair color is the color that makes the face stand out.

Or like this girl, her short brown hair helps her beauty improve.

Sometimes deep hair colors will help you look better than shiny blond hair.

So, say, choosing the right 50% hairstyle, the other half depends on the dye you choose.

What hair color is white?

Those of you who have bright white skin do not need to worry much about choosing which dyes will suit you! This is a valuable advantage for you to take advantage of in the game with this color. No matter what color you dye your hair, you still stand out. Fresh colors like red, yellow, or even fashionable colors such as platinum, blue, moss green, smoky gray, dye dip dye or ombre are all good.

What about yellow skin?

Most Asians have average skin (yellow skin) and a little bit of this skin color. For those who have slightly pale skin, the choice of reddish-brown and brown-light will help the face less pale and more rosy. If you have a slightly darker skin, the basic colors such as dark brown, chocolate brown will be a basic and safe choice but still beautiful.

How to choose the hair color for dark skin

People with dark skin often have fewer choices but not that you can't own a dyed hair that makes others admire. For this skin, you should stay away from the highlight and bright dyes if you don't want anti-retro hair. But there will still be a nice color to help the girls respect! The colors combined with brown colors such as coffee brown, dark chestnut brown, dark brown, reddish brown will still help your skin brighter than a few tones.