Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc U30 is still young and beautiful thanks to her hairstyle and makeup

Along with the tremendous success of the blockbuster "Girl very old way 3", Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is now a name in the "superstar" of Vietnamese showbiz. Lan Ngoc is loved not only by her artistic talent but also by her beautiful and youthful appearance.

Owning a square face with a fairly wide forehead, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is still very smart and smart when choosing a hairstyle and makeup that both helps her hide this flaw and help her look. extremely trendy and young compared to his 30s.

Hair style

In recent years, Lan Ngoc has been very fond of the wavy curly layer layer hairstyle combined with the rain roof. Lan Ngoc's hair is about as long as the waist and is divided into layers to trim the hair to make it look thicker and more fluffy. Moreover, to overcome the shortcomings, Lan Ngoc square face is very skillful and sophisticated when choosing a gentle but extremely fashionable wavy style.

Wavy is a type of horizontal wave curly curls to big but not clear as normal curly wave but it has a smooth, very beautiful. But this frizz will help her face look so sweet and slender. In particular, she is very delicate when letting the hair length to the jawline and is slightly curled to gently embrace the jawbone and help completely conceal her square face defects.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is also rarely seen without a roof because she possesses a rather wide forehead or when she is teased as "bald". So the roof is very important for the actress born in 1990 because it not only works to hide the wide forehead but also helps her look much younger. However, she did not choose a thick flat roof because it would disproportionate the ratio of hair to face, but instead, Lan Ngoc chose a gentle and trendy rain roof.

Lan Ngoc also likes brown hair tones like brown, coffee brown, cool brown to enhance her white skin.

Make up

As mentioned, Lan Ngoc owns a square face with a jawline, so it makes the face look big and razor so lifting the block helps her face look more delicate and extremely necessary for her. Her background is thin, skin can choose a background lighter than 1 tone.

The special focus on the cheekbones, jaw bone and nose bridge helps the face look neat and have more depth. Finally, Lan Ngoc also used bright highlighting powder on the cheekbones, nose bridge to help the appearance catch a lot of attraction.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is quite fond of cat eyes. Ngoc Ngoc was born in 1990 with quite large eyes, but her eyes are short, so her cat-like look is born for her.

Her eyeliner will be drawn not too thin but not too dark with the tail extending up to an angle of 45 degrees to help emphasize the eyes more. The eyelashes that Lan Ngoc uses will be the baby doll to make her eyes bigger and more attractive.

Since drawing cat eyes makes deep eyes accent, so choosing a dark eyeshadow is not necessary, but instead, Lan Ngoc chooses the trendy gentle face tones such as orange brown, earth pink to make the look brighter. .

Lan Ngoc's image is oriented as always playful, full of life, but equally attractive, so she often chooses for her cheek color is burnt orange and lip color is radiant like earth orange. pure or softer like coral pink.