Notes on skin care

Skin care is not a simple thing. This transformation of skin, maintaining this beauty requires you to be careful from choosing products

Skin care is not a simple thing. The transformation of the skin and maintaining this beauty requires you to be careful from choosing products; frequency of implementation to the order of applying skincare classes . even, you have to be mindful of very small things such as: wash your hands before taking care of your skin, make a foam cleanser thoroughly, apply lotion when the skin is still moist . otherwise, the skin will be hard to get the most optimal care from the skincare route, or worse, the skin is prone to irritation and acne.

The above mentioned skin care notes were too familiar to you; But besides, there are still a lot of tiny things that you need to be absolutely careful about, avoid getting into; in which there are mistakes we are about to dissect below.

At first glance, we will only see this is a clip of skin care instructions merely but pay more attention, this girl has made a mistake that better than you should not be entangled, that is: no clamping neat hair while skincare.

Leaving your hair alone not only makes you feel entangled, it turns your skin care work into a heavy, more aggressive way that also hampers your skincare route to the fullest. Why is that?

First of all, the loose or negligent ear hair hanging in front of you will inadvertently cause you to forget many skin areas such as forehead, temporal, jaw bone . As a result, the skin does not receive complete care, causing you never reach the scene of beautiful skin without blemishes; Or worse, the forgotten skin areas will be faced with acne, dullness, dryness (if considered in dry weather). She did not touch the outline of the face when cleaning.

Next, you need to keep in mind that the hair, which is not clean at all, is home to sweat, excess oil, dirt . even if you have just washed your hair, chemicals from shampoo, conditioner or other hair care products are still more or less in stock. And so, if the hair is exposed to the skin while skincare, bacteria, dirt, chemicals will have the opportunity to penetrate, the skin will become more irritated, acne and more care of you. can "melt into smoke".

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Therefore, the minimum thing before embarking on skin care is to tie the hair, fix the roof very neatly, like that, the new skincare process takes place gently, without any entanglement and your skin is also get better benefits instead of being attacked by harmful impurities.

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