Revealing to you the secret to lose weight keep simple shape at home

According to trainer and nutritionist Harley Pasternak, who has worked with superstars like Megan Fox, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, women really don't need the effort and time to go to the gym but still will. get a round body, if you apply the super simple tips below.

1. Walking is the most effective way to burn fat

According to trainer Harley Pasternak: "The gym is for when you need to increase the strength of your muscles, making them more pronounced. But, there is still excess fat around those muscle groups that you hardly can. look out " . So, if you want to get rid of excess fat (and don't pursue any body pack), the trainer suggests walking. "Walking will help burn calories (formed by the substance). fat) is significantly higher than high intensity cardio, running has the same effect . " Another plus is walking almost-free, you only need to spend money on quality sports shoes and a comfortable workout outfit.

2. Proper diet is much more important than going to the gym

Some people go to the gym as an "atonement" after having eaten too much or pouring sa momentum into unhealthy eating habits. It sounds reasonable but in fact, this is a way to lose weight, keep the wrong shape. According to Harley coach, "If you eat and drink without any cardio, there is no cardio exercise that will make up for it . " Therefore, instead of going to the gym blindly, choose a favorite sport and combine it with a healthy diet, lots of fruits and vegetables, the body will be as many times as healthy as those who go. Hard workouts but lack of science.

3. Try skipping at home

With just a good jump rope, you have the opportunity to own your dream body. And this exercise saves a lot of time than going to the gym. According to coach Janine Delaney, who is known as the skipping queen with 2.6 million followers on Instagram: "Jump rope is the best whole body exercise for all ages. You can jump rope at any age wherever and it is also very interesting " . And when you know the scientific judgment of Science Daily, you will be more motivated to start this fast - compact - lightweight sport: "Jumping continuously for 30 minutes will help you burn 650 calories (in when jogging is 300 calories / 30 minutes). 10 minutes skipping is equivalent to doing a 1.6km long run . "

4. Doing housework

According to research by StarBrands - a well-known household brand in the UK: If you spend more than an hour doing housework every day (including cleaning, floor sweeping, washing .), you can lose 1kg /month. So a job, the house just clean and fragrant physique is also reduced, maintained efficiency.