Shampooing without avoiding the following mistakes, your hair can only be badly damaged

The shampooing process decides a lot about whether your hair is healthy, smooth, or easy to dry and break. Therefore, recognizing the mistakes when washing your hair will help you a lot in the journey to improve your hair. Here are 6 mistakes you should fix, with that, the shampoo will really give you a much better hair.

1. Wash your hair with hot water

Too high a temperature of water will make the scalp and hair dry, prone to shedding. You should use warm water to wash your hair, this reasonable temperature will help clean deeply and effectively, nutrients from shampoo and conditioner are also easier to penetrate into hair and scalp.

2. Do not flush residues from shampoos and conditioners

You need to spend enough time to remove the residues from shampoos and conditioners because otherwise, scalp irritation is very likely. That is not to mention, the habit of not rinsing your hair also makes your hair fall into a dry, broken grip.

3. You do not massage the scalp

Skip the scalp massage, you have made your hair very disadvantaged. Careful massage of the scalp will help improve the cleaning effect. And yet, this also helps the blood circulation easier, from which hair grows faster and stronger.

4. You chose the wrong type of shampoo

Choosing the wrong type of shampoo can make your dry hair more fibrous, or make your thinned hair even more defiant. According to hair expert Anabel Kingsley, "Thinning hair will require a light, protein-rich shampoo to create a friable texture. Dry, stiff hair will require additional moisture to become soft and smooth . "

5. Do not comb your hair before shampooing

It's normal to brush your hair after shampooing; However, before brushing, not many women do it.

About 1 - 2 minutes of brushing your hair before shampooing will help remove some dirt, residues that are harmful to the hair, then the hair is also cleaned more effectively. In addition, this routine will ensure that while washing, your hair will not be tangled and break easily.

6. You use too much or too little conditioner

If you want to have a soft, shiny hair, using conditioner is a step you cannot ignore. However, the amount of conditioner you need to use is reasonable in order not to cause the opposite effect as causing your hair to be flattened and fast, or not bring any benefits to the hair. According to hair expert Yasmine Ishmael: "If you own normal or oily hair, you only need to apply conditioner to half of the hair, avoiding the hair roots. For dry hair, you need to provide plenty of moisture. and more nutrients, so apply conditioner from root to tip " .