Smoothie drink on white skin, Sun will

some kinds of vitamins in the summer skin whitening effect, very effectively., Sun, white skin, vitamins, honey, kiwi ...

Cucumber Smoothie

Picture 1 of Smoothie drink on white skin, Sun will Photo 1 of Smoothie drink on white skin, Sun will

Cucumber smoothie.

Raw materials include cucumber (cucumber) 6 results-should choose the left cucumber (cucumber), sure, prickly, dark green rind, not soft and wrinkled; 3 stone.

How to do: wash, Peel the cucumber, on presses take water, then kicks into the cups, pour more cucumber juice, stirring well.

Mango and kiwi Smoothie

Materials: 1 kiwi, Peach Mango, 1/2 lemon, 1 small spoon of honey, 1/4 Cup ice.

How to: remove Peel Kiwi slice, mango bark and seeds removed, chopped. For the rock into the Blender, add the mango and kiwi alternating grind for both. Grilled Lemon, mix in the juice are sexual harassment.

Citrus Smoothie, honey

Picture 2 of Smoothie drink on white skin, Sun will Photo 2 of Smoothie drink on white skin, Sun will

Citrus and honey Smoothie

Material: 3 results, 1 spoonful of honey tangerines to rock, 1-2.

How to: remove Peel Citrus separated each time zone (not tendon), juice, pour out cups, add honey and sexual harassment are stones.

Tomato Smoothie

Material: 300 ml fresh milk, 2 ripe tomatoes, fresh lemon, honey.

How: the tomatoes blanched in boiling water for 2 minutes, then can be easily peeled away. Finely chopped tomatoes in a bowl. Mix the tomatoes with the milk and then added to the Blender, add honey and ½ tea spoon lime juice, sweet and sour depending on your preferences. Press the button in Blender 1 minute for the mashed mixture.=

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