Steady exercises help lose weight and promote health

According to Oriental medicine experts, the foot area has many acupuncture points, nerve centers, which represent a number of other organs in internal organs. The heel-to-toe movement is simple but has great health benefits.

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The heel tip is very simple, can be exercised at any time.


Use as high as possible on tiptoe, then relax and lower. Body weight points to your toes when tiptoe. Repeat 20-30 times each round. Make 7 innings every day at any time free to feel the obvious effect.

Benefits when tiptoe

- Increasing toughness, improving kidney function: Women often practice this exercise to help the excretory system work better.

- Reduce constipation, improve intestinal function: When tiptoe, contractile activity of the intestinal system, especially the anus increases, thereby reducing constipation, improving intestinal function , stomach. People with hemorrhoids often do this exercise can help improve the condition.

- Restoring brain function: According to Oriental medicine, the heel is equivalent to the human brain, stimulating the heel to enhance brain circulation, blood circulation and improve brain function.

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Steady heel support brings a wealth of health benefits.

- Enhance concentration: In addition to improving brain function, heel tip exercises also help to increase alertness, focus, reduce sleepiness.

- Stress relief: This gentle exercise helps you to be calmer when encountering difficult and stressful problems. Steady feet help you regain your spirits, promptly replenish blood to the brain, relieve stress, fight depression.

- Good for the heart: Steady heel helps strengthen blood circulation, very good for the heart. People who are often dizzy should practice this exercise.

- Helping legs slim: This exercise both enhances joint and bone health, and reduces calf muscle.

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