Suggest how to get a low bun so beautiful without worrying about it

With just a bit of interesting variation, it also makes simple bun hair more attractive than ever.

Just five years ago, low bun hairstyles were often judged to be old and only suitable for weddings or prom, and in this fall, it became the most popular hairstyle for the crowd. elegance, elegance and more are very easy to implement in a short time. Whether you are preparing for an important event or simply going to work, the low bun hairstyles below will be the most valuable suggestions to make you more beautiful and trendy after just a few minutes.

A few strands of clumped hair help the bun hair look more interesting and attractive, but not too picky and troublesome. Start dividing the hair into three parts, the left and right sides and the back of the head. Take the hair on the back and the bun as you do, then twist each piece of hair loosely on both sides of the head and fix it around the bun with a pair of toothpicks. Before doing so, you can use a curling iron to get soft, sticky hair waves.

In hot days like this, no matter how good the rhythm is, the girls will find it difficult to let their hair down, but only want to tie it up, the bun is cool. If your hair is long, everything is very simple, but for girls who are bob hair, lob hair, the bun is a difficult problem. For a short bun, the owner only has the option of tying his hair, but the length of the loose hair will easily cause a messy, less neat hair. At that time, it was cool, but it was not nice at all.

Picture 1 of Suggest how to get a low bun so beautiful without worrying about it

Picture 1 of Suggest how to get a low bun so beautiful without worrying about it

Hair bob, hair lob when creating a low bun shape is more prone to poor hair condition.

If you are still agonizing over this, the way the bun from the following Korean expert will surely open a new horizon for you. Although very simple, easy to implement but low bun hairstyle reserved for bob hair, this lob hair is no less delicate, luxurious. Prepare 2 jars and 1 pair of toothpicks and follow the instructions!

To get started, grab your hair and tie it as low as usual but leave a thin strand of hair behind your ear.

With the hair just tied, split it in half and fold them in two opposite directions, tied it together with the second chun. Because it is thinly divided, the part of the hair that is folded will be tidy, not having the hair fluttering just like when you fold the entire hair. Have you never thought of this technique?

With the original curls left, you wrap your hair around the bun and pin it back to the pair. This step works to hide and adorn the style of hair.

Finally, you slightly pull a few strands of hair above to make the hair soft. Who said that bob's hair could not be beautiful?

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